The Teylamail 08 – Staying in Balance

Alaskan HuskyWe’ve just been busy busy busy.

Or, my Mam has. And I have to wait for her to resize photos and such before I can do my thing. And she’s been too busy and too tired to do any of the sort. She pretty much exhausted herself to the point where she had pains everywhere and had to call in sick – but she said last night that she was feeling better, so hopefully we’ll go for a good walk today and take more photos like the ones I showed you in my last Teylamail.

Would you believe she drew a dragon yesterday? She sat there for six hours. I’ve never seen her draw anything before and the stuff she used took up half the sofa. And my Dad took up the rest, so there was no room for me. The indignity of it all! Floored by a sketchbook! If you’re interested it’s on her instagram, but I don’t support anything that puts me on the floor – except maybe Godfather – so I’m not even going to link it for yous.

Instead I’m going to show you some photos, and give you some pointers on staying balanced. Mam – you should read this, because you’re sick now, and I’m sure it’s because you’ve been trying to do too much.

Alaskan Husky

First of all, I get why you two-legged people can get a bit unbalanced. After all you don’t have a tail and you walk around on twos instead of four. Even I can get a bit unstable trying to do that.

Alaskan Husky

But you know, running and jumping around helps relieve stress and tension. You must get those from standing upright all the time, or sitting in front of your computers.

a friend

Spending time, playing with others is really good for your health, mentally and physically. This is a friend from our neighbourhood that I’ve only met a few times, but we always make a great time of it. I just wish we didn’t have to wear leashes.


I’ve told you before – Take a walk outside, empty your head and get away from everything that is work. That email can wait 30 mins if you haven’t written it already.

Husky in sunset

Take some time to enjoy the view.

Husky in sunset

Take it from me.

Husky in sunsetI’m balanced…

Alaskan huskyAnd I’ve energy to spare!

Me and Dad
Me and Dad

Let me know how it works out. In the meanwhile I’ll be looking after Mam.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Teyla, I’m so sorry to hear your mom’s not feeling too well! I hope you’re taking good care of her. Sitting on the floor isn’t so bad! It’s cooler 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      I am! And she’s feeling loads better. We didn’t get to go hiking yesterday, or swimming (Mam said it would be misty, but Dad didn’t believe it, so we drove for forever just to see that Mam was right). But we did go visit Godfather and Godmother, and today we went running, so I think she’s all right now. That’s right, and I get to stretch out properly on the floor, but sometimes it’s so good to curl up next to Mam and Dad. And then I don’t have to sleep with one eye open because I know they can’t go anywhere without me noticing 😉

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