Makeup Revolution is granting beautyjunkies Salvation


Salvation palettesFrom expensive palettes and poorly performing budget alternatives.

I was very pleased with my baked palette from Makeup Revolution London, as well as Romantic Smoked, so it took a lot of restraint to photograph the Salvation Palettes Run Boy Run and Girls on Film before swatching. I put a lot of thought into my choosing when they launched these limited edition palettes on the site.

In my experience while my skintone is neutral, at least from what I can see, I’m rawn towards cooler shades, so Girls On Film was a no-brainer, really, but I was very intrigued by the red Break out from society of Run Boy Run, wondering how that particular shade would work out. So those were the palettes I went for.

Salvation Palettes

The packaging is a sturdy black plastic case with a huge mirror in the lid – huge plus – and a slot for a brushunless you are happy using the accompanying sponge for application. I’m not, but each to their own, right? I also find the shades to be very saturated, much more than I’d expect from an 18 shade palette that costs less than a glass of wine on the town. You do the beauty maths. I’ve already decided this is a buy well worth the cost. Also, if you’re worried about travelling with your more expensive treats, these little beauties can easily substitute your regular neutral palette, because they will provide you with any look you need – from a light wash to natural definition to full on smoke. And if brights are more up your alley, the brand’s provided several options to suit your needs that won’t break the bank.

Word of advice with these palettes, though. Don’t swirl your brush, just dip it gently into the pan, because the consistency is buttery, but swirling and erm.. brushing in the pan will kick up a lot of powder. Also, I personally always use a primer, so while I’ve had good results and haven’t had much creasing or fading with these shades, I haven’t done any extreme testing through a sweaty exercise, and I don’t know how these will perform without primer or on oily lids.

Salvation palettes

I did however find that the two palettes were fairly similar, although Run Boy Run in general leans warmer than Girls On Film. I also found that a lot of shades were rather similar to a lot of the shades in my Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Admittedly, I considered bringing a few other palettes as well to the swatch party that ensued, but as Smashbox Heat Wave and Clinique Neutral Territory 2 are LEs, at least as far as I know, I opted against it. Some of the shades were actually so similar that I got confused which belonged to which palette, so I’m afraid there’s no comparison photos, and you’ll have to take my word for it. I’ve swatched the shades without a primer, using my fingertips for application.

Prepare yourselves for some messy shade descriptions, because there were a lot of noteworthy similarities spanning six different palettes. I’ve tried to keep things somewhat orderly, using mostly the shades of Run Boy Run as a reference, but there might still be some confusion as to which Salvation palette I’m referring to.

Run Boy Run
Run Boy Run
Girls On Film
Girls On Film

Trying to Catch You of the RBR palette was very similar to GOF Walking Hand in Hand, only the latter is slightly pinker and somewhat lighter than the former. Both of these shades were similar to UDs Venus from the Naked Basics, making for lovely, subtly shimmery highlighter shades. If matte highlighters are more up your alley, though, you’ll likely enjoy the creamy white Follow Me from RBR, with its similarities to both Strange of Naked 3 and Walk of Shame of Naked Basics. Girls On Film is another matte highlighter, but I found this to be one of the more unique shades to the GOF palette, along with the muted purple shimmer Smile Wider, the lavender matte One in a Million, the matte plummy taupe Give Me Shudders and She’s Falling, a dark almost charcoal purple.Also unique to Girls On Film is Polaroid Heaven – a sheer brown with a brick red sheen. If you love the idea of Cliniques Black Honey eyeshadow, but not sure if you can pull it off, this is a sheerer version.

Other unique shades in this context are Sun Will Be Guiding You, a coffee satin, and of course Break Out From Society which really is the star of the show as it’s a hard to describe red. It’s just yellow enough to avoid the appearance of weepy, swollen eyes. The saturation of the shade also helps. In the pan it looks somewhat cool, but when swatched t seems the sheen warms it just enough to make it wearable. It’s a shade that will be perfect for a sunset eyemakeup or a dramatic smokey eye. Personally, I find this to be the shade I would call “Girl On Fire”, because it has me thinking of Katniss Everdeen and the Hunger Games books. Moving on there’s Another Day which is redder than Sun Will Be Guiding You of the same palette and definetely a shade in the coffee category.

Running Is Victory is a tad pinker than Urban Decay’s pink champagne shade Sin – just typing the words make me want to apply my makeup – which in turn can hardly be told apart from the shade Lights Flashing from GOF.

Day Is A Prophecy is pretty much identical to Frenzy All Down Your Spine as well as being very similar to UDs Smog which differs from the others by being slightly darker, browner.

Its Time To Run is almost imperceptably warmer than Hold Tight. Both shades are very similar to UD Gunmetal which has more of a silvery sheen and flacks of glitter.

The taupey grey shades World Is Meant For You and Made A Million can’t be told apart. The closest Urban Decay Naked shade is Pistol, which in turn has more of an antique gold sheen. The Revolution shades are more silvery.

If you’ve had a bad experience using Urban Decay’s YDK you might enjoy the buttery feel of Hide Behind Me or the slightly warmer Camera Rolling. In the same family, although less glittery are the Revolution shade Lipstick Over Lens (GOF), and UD Mugshot and Liar (Naked 3). UD Sidecar is also similar, although lighter.

Dying to Stop You is unique to the Run Boy Run palette, in that it’s not duplicated in Girls on Film, but it’s a match in texture for Dust of Naked 3 – a shade known for being gritty, glittery and dusty. Pat either of these on gently and you’ll be grand. It should be noted that DTSY is lighter than Dust.

Don’t Have To Hide Away is a gorgeous rose gold, although somewhat gritty in texture, UD Chopper is cooler, less red. Take Your Picture from Girls On Film swatches smoother, but is lighter in shade, and appears to be more sheer. That said, Urban Decay provides a similar shade in the shape of Trick (Naked 3), which in turn is more sheer and rosier in hue than Take Your Picture.

If UD Busted and Blackheart had a Lovechild, the not-so-black You Will Be My Boy would be it, bicking up the smoked plum base of Busted, mixing it with the discreet red glitter of Blackheart.

From Girls On Film there’s also the silvery beige Bridge At Midnight, which is unique to that particular palette, but swatches similar to UD Verve swatched lightly, the main difference being that the latter has a more metallic finish, while Bridge At Midnight is more satin.

That should have all the shimmers and sparkles covered, along with 1/4 of the mattes leaving Head To The Hills, a warmed up beige, similar to UDs Naked, less grey than Naked2, but to light in shade to be called a duplicate. Speaking of the original Naked, this palette serves up another matte that could easily be passed off as being from the same palette.

I find the namesake of the Run Boy Run palette, a light brown to be – and I’m wary of saying this – a dupe for UDs Buck.

The shade Makeup Revolution named Girl On Fire is, surprisingly with a name like that, a taupey lavender beige, lighter in shade than Shooting Star of the Girls on Film palette, which in turn is lighter than Urban Decay’s Limit, but very similar.

You Are Finally Mine is a soft, purple tinged taupe, very similar to UDs Tease, although the latter is browner.

Head Start a soft black, similar to UDs Crave, but with a hint of a sheen. To conclude there’s So Bright of Girls on Film, which is anything but. The matte charcoal is similar to UD Creep, but Creep has flecks of glitter, and a cooler sheen.

All in all, I don’t think you need both these palette, as a lot of the shades are similar enough to overlap. That said, they are very budget friendly so you could easily get one for yourself one for a friend, and then accidentally order two more, and maybe a blush or ten. With Makeup Revolution you can most likely afford it.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ah I LOVE Makeup Revolution so much. Their products are just amazing considering how affordable they are xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. sirilovise says:

      I know! Currently lusting after some stuff from the I ❤ makeuprange (although hoping you might get some of it for reviewing first) 😉

  2. Vanessa says:

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhht. Welp, more palettes to buy when I head over to the UK in a week. Run Boy Run has to be my favourite of the two, but agreed, they definitely look very similar! I don’t have the Clinique or Smashbox palette you mentioned, so that should save me in the ‘dupe’ department! And of course, I’ll be stocking up on their blushes. UGH, BROKESTATUS.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi, Vanessa.
      Run Boy Run is definitely my fave of the two, most of all because of that red shade. Things could be worse, though. You could go nuts in Chanel or something like that. Instead I suppose you’ll be after some of the much raved about budget friendly products in Boots and Superdrug, along with a few souvenirs from space nk (while Hourglass’ blushes are indeed fab, I find that Mood Exposure is very similar to one of my Makeup Revolution blushes – only with less sheen). By the way, doesn’t MR ship to Canada? Because if so you’re grand, just swatching and making a list of stuff to order online when you get back, and will have more to spend while you’re over 😉

  3. I absolutely LOVED makeup revolution palettes… And I think for the price you pay their quality is verty impressive!

    1. sirilovise says:

      It’s such a brill line! Whether you’re a makeup artist, makeup guru or a novice just starting out there’s something to cover most your needs.

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