The Teylamail 06 – Badaboom badabling


alaskanhuskyHello again.

Mam’s kind of exhausted these days, so she’s letting me do the blog thingy. That is to say, she’s resting and I’ve got her computer.

Besides being a nuisance with a camera, Mam can actually be kinda cool once in a while. Some weeks ago she saw a picture on instagram of some really cool dogtags, and decided that I needed some bling. She did a bit of research, that is, she asked the person who uploaded the pic and got shopping. I know she wanted to give me a diamond collar, but dad wouldn’t let her. These, however, he was fine with. He actually helped pick out which ones to get me. Anyways, a husky with diamonds? Really?


They arrived in the mail the othe day, and Mam and Dad couldn’t wait to put ’em on. Dad chose the Autobot one for me to wear for now. It makes a bit of noise, jingling there on my collar, but I don’t mind.

alaskanhusky happypettag

I think this might be good just in case I should get lost and want to go home, because they’ve got both Mam and Dad’s phonenumbers on the back so if I need them I can just find a human and have them call my parents. And I know Mam and Dad would miss me alot if I got away from them and couldn’t find my way back, so if I’m there, and Mam and Dad aren’t, please read the tag and call them.

And in case you want to get hold of some awesome tags yourself, you can fing the Happy Pet Tags here or on Etsy. I’m actually considering getting a dog tag with my picture on it for Mam and Dad, but shh! I want it to be a surprise if I do.

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  1. Sunny says:

    Aww Teyla, you look gorgeous with your new tag! Do you have a microchip, by the way? Tango has one, but he has got so fat since the chip that I’m not even sure they can find it with a scanner anymore!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks so much, Sunny 🙂
      Yeah, Mam and Dad chipped me just after my adoption, and I can tell you it was one of the least pleasant experences I’ve had with them.

      I think they had these made mostly because they were cool, but also because it might be quicker if the human I ask for help would just call Mam or Dad straightaway rather than having to wait and possibly pay for the chip to be scanned. Mam is terrified that I might run off somewhere and get hurt, especially since that time I went exploring. She’d opened the front door while cleaning and then gone upstairs to help Dad and forgot about the door. I came back the minute I heard them calling, but for some reason Mam would just lie on the bed, hugging me, while her heart beat faster than I’ve ever heard it, even after our runs.

      I’m sure they would find it on Tango though, I just hope they won’t have to, because that’d mean he’d gotten hmself lost, and while it’s a lot of fun exploring places, it’s good to relax on the sofa wth your humans and get food and treats without having to chase it down first.

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