The Teylamail 04 – My First Review

Teyla reviews

For my first review I’ve a real treat for yous. It’s a sponsored product, but opinions are my own, and while I can be bought by treats, I’ve no affiliation with the producer, just the one handing me the treat.


Provit SvinerullI think the product is made in Norway and it’s called svinerull. It’s manufactured by Provit, and I was sent this through my Mam’s membership in a programme called LikenShare. Apparently, they teamed up with a store called Norsk Dyremat AS for me to recieve this little goody for review.

For me?
For me?
For me!
For me!

Provit Svinerull is made from dried pork and innards, and really helps clean the teeth. It takes longer to chew than dried pig’s ear, which makes it all the more pleasurable as that means it lasts longer.

Provit Svinerull

First of all, it smells delish! Mam was quite cross with Dad becuse he teased me with it at a time when I wasn’t to have it – she can be strict sometimes, and she’s not to be messed with when she’s agitated. To be honest I wasn’t pleased, either. I really wanted that treat! I’d walk on my hind legs to get at it!

Provit Svinerull

You’re supposed to have maximum 2 in a week, but Mam would only let me have half. Apparently my gums bled a bit, but I ddn’t mind. I just wanted to eat the whole thing up because it was SOOOOO tasty, and felt nice to eat. Really got at those itchy parts in my gums.

Provit Svinerull

The exterior was very hard, whereas the innards turned out to be rather crumbly, so apparently not for the dog that doesn’t clean up after him or herself proerly and eat everything. Don’t see how you couldn’t though, as everything edible should be eaten. That said, humans eat some weird stuff. Tomatoes and avocadoes, for instance. What’s the point?

Provit Svinerull

Anyways, if you’re a dog you really should have your human let you try this, and if you’re a human you ought to get this for your dog. I sure hope Mam and Dad gets a whole pack of this stuff for me because I want MORE!


Did I mention ths is tastier and crunchier than watermelon?

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  1. Sunny says:

    Ahahahaha Teyla, you did a great job with your first review! Glad to see you really enjoyed it 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hey, Sunny 🙂
      It was a real treat, for sure. And Mam says she’s bought more for me, but that I can’t have one whole all at once. She can be very strict at times.
      Did you enjoy your trip? I’d love to go sometime, because I think they’ve got some great outdoors places in China, but I wouldn’t dare. Dad says they eat dogs there, and besides, I haven’t got a passport.

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