A Pure and Innocent Palette From Make Up Revolution

Revolution Pure and InnocentIn case you were wondering – No, Teyla has ot taken over the blog completely. Although, she came quite close. Thankfully, furbabies need rest, so instead of wrestling the computer out of her paws I just waited until she followed her Dad’s example and fell asleep on the sofa so that I could show you one of the new additions to my vast collection of palettes. In all fairness, this one is a rarity in my stash, as it’s a very budget friendly product, as well as bringing my total of baked products up to five, one being a bronzer and two being ambient lighting powders.

Makeup Revolution just added to their vast sortiment of quality budget-friendly  products, and I couldn’t resist doing a little haul. Admittedly, two of the three palettes I bought are limited editions, but I’m hoping stock will hold up long enough for me to get to ordering a few more for gifting, because when it comes to this brand – and this is getting to be a cliché – you can colour me impressed.

It’s not that I am fundamentally against budget and/or drugstore brands, I love me some Bourjois, but considering the quality of the products and the misses I had as a teenager I’ve learned that it’s better and more cost-efficient to get what I want straght away, rather than spending the same or more searching for a similar product. And hereabouts I find the “budget” brands to be fairly expensive anyways, so you might as well go the extra mile and get it done with.

I haven’t really had opportunity to properly try out the LE palettes that I bought, because I was too busy enjoying the baked eyeshadow palette. I’m probably the only girl in the world that doesn’t get on with Chanel’s quads – I find that when I apply them to my lids all promises of saturated colour goes straight out the window, the eyeshadows doesn’t adhere to the skin where I want it to and in the end only provides the depth of colour I want where I don’t want it – on the top of my cheekbones. Don’t get me wrong. They are grand, I’ve seen them work for others, even applied it to others and had it work perfectly, it’s just that we, that is to say myself and the Chanel quads – just don’t get along to the degree that I can justify parting with that much money.

The Makeup Revolution quints are a different story entirely, although, I can only speak for the one named Pure and Innocent. First of all it’s about a tenth of the Chanels. Once more, don’t get me wrong, I am not about to go into a tirade on how these are brilliant, budget dupes for the Chanel quads, because I don’t think they are. Second, I can actually get this to work for me and third the handy, sturdy packaging that – wait, why aren’t you placing your order yet? Oh right, the actual review and swatches!

Pure and Innocent Swatches

I’ve swatched it in the order the shades are laid out in the palette. The upper left colour is a lovely, pale, cool gold highlighter colour, followed by an antique gold that is good for using on the lid or as a transition shade. The darkest eyeshadow in the quint is a deep, plummy brown that flashes green. If you look closely you might be able to see it in the pics. It’s a stunner, and possibly my fave shade in the palette. In the middle there’s a champagne pink, perhaps not very dissimilar to Urban Decay’s Virgin, not as pink as Sin. All I can say is it applies beautifully and really provided my look for today with a pretty glow. The far right eyeshadow is a red copper brown, the kind I always worry will make my eyes look swollen, and will either succeed in doing so or make the green in my eyes stand out more. In this case it was thankfully the latter. All five shades are very shimmery, but in a well done, non-glittery, un-disco ball-like manner that just serves to create a glowy look. That said, if there’s one thing that could serve to make me even happier it would be adding a sixth or subbing one of the existing shades for a matte highlight.

Knowing the risk, I just couldn’t help myself and went ahead applying this palette before heading to work. Thing is with an untried, untested product, you never know if it’ll be gone before you reach the busstop or if t’s the one – the one that’ll be your go-to whenever, wherever.

Pure and Innocent paletteI was pleased to find that there were very little fallout upon application, and none during the day.

During my lunchbreak, approximately seven hours after applying it on top of my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, I decided it was time to take a look at the damage. Scrutinizing up close, I found that indeed, there were an acceptable degree of fading, Acceptable because I had to study the makeup to notice, which means that it’s not very likely anyone else did.

Revolution Makeup

The last photo was taken with my Iphone in a room lit by both artificial and natural lighting, so if you’re wondering about how I can possibly look as white as a sheet in one pic, and human in the next, that’s proabably a major cause, because I’ve done very little in the ways of adjusting the colours and exposure of these photos. Obviously, the Iphone has something to do with it as well.

Will you be skipping your daily cup o’ latte and get yourself an eyeshadow palette instead?

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  1. Really pretty! I like lightly pigmented shades like these for whacking on quickly. Currently loving Wet N Wild (old news there, brand new here) quads.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Actually I’ve yet to try Wet N Wild. Thinking of picking up some stuff when I go to Ireland 😉 These shades are really easy to wear, and there’s a possibility that this palette, with its few shades (as opposed to my UD palettes, as well as larger palettes from the same brand) will become a summer fave because I don’t really have to put any thought into application and can just slap em on in a hurry 😉

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