The Teylamail 03 – The Godmother


Alaskan HuskiesHiyah!

Mam says she’s too many ideas for posts to know where to start – she’s talking about everything from Chanel’s New Moon to Elfquest’s Cutter’s New Moon and just about everything in between – so she handed me the computer and sat down with a glass of Jameson to watch Stargate. It must be taxing waving a camera in my face all the time – but it sometimes comes in handy. Like this evening when a duck came quacking just around the time that she was transfering photos from her camera to the pc. Whoops!

But she just pulled out her phone-cam, y’know, the one with an Instagram app and started clicking. The duck actually took a step inside! But dad didn’t allow me to go say hi, and then Mam told the duck that Mr.Mallard wasn’t here, so she fluttered her wings and flew off. It’s on her Instagram, though, so you’ll have to check it out over there.

In other news, I’ve got a review of my own coming up soon. I just have to write it. Once more Mam came in handy with her cam as she helped me photograph the item that was sent for my consideration, but it takes time typing using only your paws. The keyboard on Mam’s computer’s not exactly paw-friendly. And Godmother Luna came to visit. I promised yous a photo of us, and here we are.

Alaskan huskies

She’s so cool. Like, I want to play whenever she comes by, but Godfather doesn’t allow for her to play indoors, but she does anyways. And she can be totally careface and relaxed in the face of a treat even when Mam’s holding it up while taking pictures. And she’s great craic to pull with. We’ve run together more than once, and she’s so focused sometimes. It’s contagious! I can run for longer along the tracks when she’s pulling with me.

And the best part is, she sometimes lets me take the lead, even though she outranks me. We do fight sometimes, though, but that never lasts, and one is always sent into the cage when we do, so it’s not much fun.

Alaskan huskies
We very much agree that Mam can take taking pictures too far. Why can’t she just snap a shot and hand us the treats?

Mam and Dad says I was originally named for her, because of my colouring, but seeing as Godfather and Dad shares a name, and Mam and Dad didn’t want for any more confusion, and they wanted to name me for a character from Stargate Atlantis they changed my name to Teyla. I don’t mind, though. Although I fiind it strange that Dad and Godfather can’t have a Luna each, but it’s okay for me and Godmother to have a Dad each. Humans can be very strange.

Mam also says that she babysat Godmother a couple of times while Godfather was away, and that it was because of that she figured huskies weren’t as “bad” as their reputation, needing more exercise than one busy human could offer. So it’s basically because of Godmother that she considered adopting me. Buuut I am very cute, so she might’ve changed her mind about huskies when she and dad visited the first time anyways.

Alaskan huskies

So that’s my super-cool Godmother. Huskies are the coolest, right?


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