The Teylamail 02 – Take a Walk


Hey, everyone.

Welcome to the second issue of The Teylamail. I hope yous all enjoyed my last post, but not too much because you need to get up from your computers and go for a walk or a run or meet with other people and dogs. And if you’re lucky you might get to see some pretty neat things. Here are some photos from recent trips, but I’m sure Mam’s showed yous more than a few photos already on her instagram account.


This river was kinda cool and very noisy. Me and Mam went to visit one of my Aunties and my pal Tobby, when Mam and Auntie Dommerfrue decided that we should go outside. It was nice, except for having to wait while Mam clicked her camera. she also told me I should show you this pic, dunnowhatfor. She says it’s pretty.


Anyways, it’s important to go for walks. You can also go for a ride in a car and visit a beach. Just don’t go swimming. It’s wet. And cold. And not very comfortable or enjoyable.

Teyla Bathing

Teyla swimming

bedraggledDid I mention that Dad forced me into this? I was not happy. And he made me shower the next day.

I much prefer having my paws on dry land, thank you very much.

evening sun

See the difference? Even so, get out some more. As long as you keep your furs dry I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Oh my God, now THIS is what I’d call a walk! Don’t worry, Teyla. If anyone forces me into mushland, I’d be pretty upset as well!

    1. sirilovise says:

      I am a husky, not a fish – yet Mam and Dad both seem to want me to learn how to swim. Only Mam wont be forcing me into it unless it’s so warm that she’ll jump in herself. She’s not entirely unreasonable. She says she’s very excited for you, Sunny and that the rings are lovely. She thinks the difference only represents how you two are different individuals who choose to be together. And then I stopped listening to her yapping. Best wishes from us both, though 🙂

      1. Sunny says:

        Awww thanks, Teyla and Siri! That’s what I figured as well. I don’t like gold much and Dr. D doesn’t like anything but LOL At least this way we’re both happy, and I think that’s what counts!

    1. sirilovise says:

      If we can get my Auntie to send Mam the photos I’ll show you the view over our city as well.
      Once in a while Mam will take me on a really good walk and forget to stop to take those blasted pictures. She takes forever when she does, so I’m glad when she forgets.

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