My Collection of Pearls

Guerlain Meteorites PerlesIt should come as no surprise that my favourite pearls have very little to do with the kind you put around your neck, and everything to do with Guerlain. I’ve written about Guerlain’s Météorites Perles before, as I’ve makeupwise been pretty much obsessed with glowy skin ever since the launch of Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powders. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love the Ambient Lighting Powders, but over the last months I’ve actually found that I reach more often for my Météorites than the Hourglass offering.

First launched in 1987, these light-diffusing pretties in thir display-worthy pots is an icon that should decorate any womans dressing table at some pont in her life. I’ve been lucky enough to acquire three of these beauties, including the Crazy Paris LE version for Holidays ’13, and the reformulated version in shades 02 Clair – won this in a giveaway hosted by, and 03 Medium which I got at a brand course that I attended through work. The Medium and LE is shadewise very similar, only the brightening pink pearls of the Crazy Paris version is more of a fuchsia than the pastel shade of the permanent version.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles

Guerlains Météorites are a clever way of containing extremely fine-milled loose powder in a manner that allows for the perfect blend of colour-correcting, brightening pigments in each pot. I find 02 to be somewhat similar in effect to Ambient Ligthing Powder in Diffused Light, as it corrects redness and brightens the skin. I suppose 03 can be likened to Dim light, as it’s a warmer shade that works to promote and enhance a healthy glow.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles

It should also be mentioned that 02 is best suited for a fair skintone, whereas 03 is betteer for a medium skin tone. There’s also a third hue to benefit deeper skintones. Of course it’s a matter of preference as well involved in the shade matching, but I find that with a slightly more golden hue to my skin I seldom reach for 02, which was an immediate fave during the darker months, and with the arrival of 03 in my stash the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders don’t see as much use as before.

I’ve also got a compact in my stash, that I got when my Diffused Light compact smashed, just to tide me over until I could get another one. I much prefer the “pearlized” version, though.

Meteorites Compact 02

I did a post some time ago on the differences between the Hourglass and the Guerlain powders, and it is very hard to pinpoint the visual differences after application, but I think I might have a better idea now, so I’ll have another go at it.

First there’s the obvious differences of appearance. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are compact powders in plastic casings. Pretty, but somewhat dissappointing, as I expect a bit more heft. I wasn’t originally planning on doing another post on the Hourglass powders, so sorry about the lack of comparison photos. That said, the Guerlain offering, while probably looking as pretty on the dresser as Marie Antoinette’s jewelry box that was the inspiration for the little pot, is far less handy on the go. Admittedly, my first Hourglass powder broke while on the go because it is indeed that finely milled.

Then there’s the scent of the Guerlain Météorites. Appealing to the pleasure-centre of the brain that could make this a winner – personally I’d love for a bottle of the perfume, but it’s no longer in production, I think – or be a deal-breaker. You prefer unscented cosmetics, this aren’t for you. Get yourself to Liberty or Space N.K..

Like I’ve said, applied there’s hardly a noticeable difference, depending on which shades you opt for. However, I do think I get somewhat more of a sheen with the Hourglass Powders, whereas the Guerlains produce a softer glow, but the difference is very subtle.

With my dry skin these function as brightening, light-diffusing setting powders, not as mattifying powders, and when it comes to longevity, there’s not much difference between the two brands in my experience, although I’m sure others have found this or that more suitable to their needs. This leaves the whole matter up to practicality and personal preference.

If one or the other is hard to come by where you’re at, I wouldn’t go out of my way in order to obtain it, because the difference is slight and can probably be amended by adding a nice highlighter or mattifying powder to the mix.


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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Siri, thanks for the post! I’ve been ask how I’d compare Hourglass to Guerlain, but it’s really hard since I have Radiant Light, and it’s really special in a way! I love the pearls, but I’ve been reaching for Crazy Meteorites more. It just seems more convenient for me!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi, Sunny 🙂 For me, Radiant light gets more of a sheen than the soft focus of the pearls – although Diffused and Dim seems to be a closer match in effect. On my skintone it’s a subtle bronzer with a bit of sheen.
      I suppose you get more of that “counteracting yellow” and brightening effect with the Crazy Pearls – I have quite a bit of yellow in my skin, and it really helps to lift the skin (also, for some reason the fuchsia pearls seem to gather mostly at the bottom so whenever I need a subtle blush. I’ll dip my brush straight down into it).
      Having tried both offerings, I have to admit that, other than wrapping up the deal in a more convenient packaging and catering to those who dislike the scent Météorites, I struggle to see in what way the Hourglass powders were revolutionizing when Guerlain’s been doing this for close to 30 years. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, and they’ll accompany me when I go on vacation, they just don’t seem to be as addictive as the Guerlains – but then I am a bit of a Guerlain fangirl :p
      By the way, did you get a tube of Joli Teint for summer? At the brand course they recommended applying Joli Teint, then Meteorites and then a Terracotta bronzer for the best, multidimensional glow, and I was wondering if you’ve tried layering it all up like that?

  2. Tora says:

    Oh, the weird, and yet pretty, thing I wondered about!:) Not much of a know-how when it comes to makeup, so most of your explanations go above my head, but I think it looks like a nice way to keep your powders, as well as giving amore thorough application without leaving a definite devide on your skin.
    And that top picture looks amazing, like straight out of a professional commercial shoot!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi, Sweetie. These powders are mostly transparent and doesn’t offer any coverage the way a powder foundation would. They do look lovely on display, though.I think I might keep the boxes when they’re empty (some time at the beginning of the next decade :p) for little trinkets that would be easily lost otherwise.
      Actually, these powders are the stuff that should be on display in museums 100 years from now. Imagine the tour guide telling visitors “and these little decorated boxes contained little pearls of light-reflecting and -diffusing powders. The producer made use of a so-called stardust technology, but, while loved and adored by many women, this formula did not include “stardust”. It did however take forever to empty a box, so that along with FOMO and the everlasting supply of new technologies and products meant that only rarely did a woman actually go through more than three boxes in a lifetime.”
      I have been working on my set ups, glad you took notice. I started blogging in part because I wanted to make sure I made use of, as well as an effort to familiarize myself with my camera, and I’ve noticed a definite improvement. That said, I suppose my proudest moment in that regard was when I got some not-too-shabby shots of the aurora a few months back 😉

  3. Kate says:

    Hi Siri, do you also have the limited edition Rainbow pearls? I’m trying to decide whether to get Clair or Rainbow? I have strong pink undertones and a lot of redness and I’m a bit concerned that the red balls might make my skin even more pink. Would you say the Rainbow pearls can give a slight pink hue to the skin? Thank you.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi Kate.
      Thanks for popping by. Indeed I do, and I’ll get them up as soon as I can after I’m done with my exam. What you need to know, however, is that these powders are all very transparent, with the only ones lending a pinker touch is the crazy pearls from holiday 2013. The rainbow pearls look more like a mix between holiday 2014 and 03medium with a few bronze pearls (04) in it. Coloutcorrectionwise I don’t find it to be more efficient than my 02 and 03 – and if I’m being very particular about my makeup I find 02 to have a slightly more brightening effect on my undereyes. With regards to results, I find the main difference to be a more “dewy” glow without the stickiness that some “dewy” products leave. If you’re like me and want your skin to be super glowy (without oiliness) go for the rainbow. If you want to add a very discreet highlighter to your stash, go for the rainbow. If you’re after a slightly more matte effect, but with all the radiance of a Guerlain glow, it’s the regular pearls for you. And yes, considering which I use the most, they are better than the yellow hourglass powder 😉
      Hope that helps 🙂

      1. Kate says:

        Hi Siri, thank you for taking the time to reply. You’ve been very helpful. As I have combo skin I prefer slightly less glow, so think I’m going to go for the regular pearls. I just have to decide whether to get Clair or Medium. Good luck with your exam. 😊

  4. sirilovise says:

    I figured you might 😉 The compacts are brill as well, though slightly less luxurious-feeling. And I really think everyone should have a box of pearls anyway. If it’s of any help, in bases I use 20 in Chanels 02 in Guerlain (though most of the year 01 would be better but it’s not readily available in my preferred formula), UD’s Naked 3.0 in summer or when I’ve remembered to use self-tan, MAC NC15 would probably be brill in mid-winter, Charlotte Tilbury’s 03 (though 02 if I’m going for a more “vintage vamp look”, 06 for a more bronzed). All of these shades are probably more yellow in tone than your skin, but if it’s around the same depth you can pick and choose. Guerlain brand reps would instinctively have given me an 02, but it’s the 03 that I find myself using the most, though if I’d done half my face in either I don’t think you’d be able to tell the difference. That said, I take your concern to be redness. The 03 pearls, I like to think, are aimed more at countering sallowness (though they all have a slight effect on everything), whereas the 02 pearls have both green and yellow, shades that counter redness in skin.
    By the way, do you experience your skin as having an irritated redness? I know there are several primers out there that are supposed to counter redness and ruddiness (the green one from Smashbox, the yellow one from Clinique), but my fave isn’t as much marketed towards that. It’s L’Or by Guerlain, which contains gold. Gold has a soothing effect on the skin, and this one has a few skincare benefits that also might be helpful, even if it’s branded at dry and mature skin, so if I were you, I’d request a sample if you’re buying at the counter. Also ask for a sample of the Météorites primer (oh, and while you’re at it try the new moisturizer! It’s heavenly). Sorry about the lengthy reply, but when it comes to this brand I can go on for ages!
    Come to think of it, I did! I was visiting the counter in Belfast and a man started sniffing L’Homme Ideale. I started talking to him, telling him EVERYTHING about the scent until I thought I actually was a Guerlain employee!

    1. Kate says:

      Thank you for your comprehensive reply. You are really very helpful, I think you know more about Guerlain products that many an employee of theirs.
      Yes, redness is my concern but it’s not irritated redness, it’s just my skin colouring. I also wear Chanel B20, Guerlain 02, Sisley Vanilla. In summer when I’m a bit tanned I mix in a bit of Dior AIRFLASH 21.

      I have the Champagne primer from Clarins which helps a bit but it’s not great.
      Thank you for the tip about L’Or primer. I’ll ask for a sample as well as the new moisturiser. At the moment I’m using their Aqua Light Serum.

      I think I’ll probaby go for 02 Meteorites as they have green and yellow. I hope they won’t be too light in the summer.

      Btw, can I ask your opinion on the Joli Teint Powder Duo. If you’ve tried this which shade would you recommend? I was thinking of 00 Clair Blondes, but I wonder if the pink blush would make me more pink. Can these powders be used all over? Do they have a blurring effect?

      Sorry about all these questions and thanks again for your help. 🙂

      I’ve subscribed to your blog so I won’t miss any posts.

      1. sirilovise says:

        I’m very happy to help. I am really very passionate about Guerlain.

        Like I said, they are very transparent, so it probably won’t be a problem.
        I love the Joli Teint powder duo, and it’s brilliant with the Météorites. It is somewhat sheer – making it foolproof for fair skins. I’ve done a review of them somewhere on here. I’ve got the shade 03, but could easily have gone with 02 as well.

        These are not like the regular blushes (or the upcoming ones for fall) or Terracottas. Use the tan and pink separately, or together. Not having seen your skin, I can’t be 100% sure, but in my experience, cooler skins (pink undertones) do better with the 00 and 01 powders. Now, redness is something we up here have a phobia of, so I see a lot of people avoiding blush (I did myself, before I learned better). “Ohmigaaaad! No! It’s pink! I don’t want pink!”

        Think of this like painting a wall. You’re going to want to spackle it, even out the colours and then you’re going to use the colour you want and put up all the things that brings dimensions into the room. This is essentially what you’re doing with makeup. Seeing as you can afford Sisley, I expect you take very good care of your skin. That is your first concern.

        Then you’ve got your primer, foundation and concealer (and your new pearls on top of that). Now you’ve got a blank wall, it’s all evened out and ready for dimensions. This is where the blush and bronzer come in. This product is a weekend at your cabin in the Norwegian mountains. Because I’m making a guess at you having cool undertones, I think the brunette shades, though sheer, might look out of place – they’re a lot more peachy.

        Because you’ve done all the groundworks, there’s no need to worry about the blush being pink (and I can only stress that this is very sheer), because you’ve taken out most of the pink anyways, and need to put some back in to make it natural. Depending on the intensity you want, you might want to consider 02, which has a more coral tone and more depth.

        Now you can use the duo shades separately, and build up a nice, natural-looking flush on your cheeks, with a lovely light tan in the EW3 shape (that’s where I like to put my bronzer). This will give you more of a, “yeah, I spent the weekend away” kind of look. But a “I just came in from a walk” look is a little more flushed, so swirl your brush around and apply it all together in the same shape – this is where the sun would hit naturally.

        Unlike the other terracottas I’d say you could use this all over. I imagine I experience a slight blurring effect, and I am planning on using mine all over once I get a tan, though the best results are achieved with pearls in between. Wouldn’t use it for my under-eye area, though, as I want a brightening effect.

        If you’re unsure, have them do a wee makeover at the counter, and have them apply the pearls as well. I’m sure they’ll be happy to do so, because as an SA you want your customers to be happy with their purchase and know that they can rely on you to be professional and honest. And it’s only going to take them 45 seconds, unless they take off all your makeup and reapply the base first.

      2. Kate says:

        Thank you Siri for your advice. You’re very helpful.

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