The Teylamail 01 – The Family Issue

TeylaHey, you guys, humans and huskies and dogs and cats and all.

Mam says she isn’t at all upset with me for stealing her computer, which she spends way too much time on anyways, that other time when I told yous about her going crazy. She actually thought I did very well with my first post, and says that if I want to, I can have my very own little space on her blog, in spite of my calling her crazy. Not to brag, but she was quite impressed with my post. Apparently, it’s not common for dogs to write on computers which I think is very strange – mam and dad does it like all the time!

Anyways, for this first official issue of what I like to call The Teylamail, I figured I might talk about my parents. Obviously, they’re not my birth parents. I used to live someplace else with a lot of other huskies and my birthmother. They say she used to work for a man called Roger Dahl and pulled a sleigh for him with a pack of other dogs. Even ran something called Finnmarksløpet. Mam likes to tell everyone how she and Dad went with Mother and Godmother and Godfather and the rest of the lot before I was born and pulled a sleigh, and when Mam heard that Mother was to have puppies she said she wanted to “place an order” for the next litter, because she just couldn’t take care of a puppy right now. But then she met me 6 months later, and fell instantly in love – obviously – and there was no other choice.

By the way, I got to pull a sleigh in a pack this winter, and it was FUN. So I keep telling Mam to tell Godfather to take me out for more trips with himself and Godmother, but so far, I’ve only gotten to do the one.

Anyways, when she and dad came to take me away I knew this was going to be something different from what I’d experienced before. They took me out and we ran all of us, and they’d call for me, and I’d run to them and from them and it was all a jumbled late night and I got so tired. And then Dad and Godfather wanted to run some more, and I didn’t. And there was Mam, and I walked over and hunched down between her legs, and I knew I’d be safe there. I still turn to her for comfort, even if I’m a big girl and no longer a wee pup of three months.

Teyla and Mam

This is Mam – you all know her. She’s sweet most of the time, I mean, when she’s not waving around a camera or decides that I should go behind her or becomes strict. When she’s strict I’m not really sure what to do to cheer her up, because I don’t want to listen to her and do what she says, so I’ll just try to avoid her stare. Sometimes, though, she’ll be upset about something and raise her voice and talk superfast and even weep over something. That’s when I smother her with kisses until she starts smiling again. Works everytime. We often go for runs and walks, and sometimes she’ll strap wheels or planks on to her paws and we’ll move faster than she speaks, and I don’t bother listening to her anymore because it’s so much fun, just running in front of her.

The downer with Mam is that she’s a bit crazy. She takes a lot of photos of me and put them online, for all the other dogs to see. Sometimes it’s quite embarassing, and I can’t help but think of all the other sled dogs and huskies out there laughing their furs off looking at me relaxing, adn thinking “Ha, ha! Look at her! Bet she’s never even had a sore paw!” Or maybe they see how grand I am, lying on the couch, being pampered? And then there was this time when I went for a run on my own. For some reason she was terrified, even if I was just in the neighbourhood, and I came running when they called for me. She clambered into bed, holding me and we lay there for five minutes while her heart was beating faster than when we’d gone running together and she was sobbing and gasping for air. Not like I did anything wrong, so I don’t get what she was so afraid of. Is that common in mams?

Teyla and Dad

Then there’s Dad. He’s a lot of fun, but he’s also a lot of crazy. I’m not always sure whether Mam’s trying to play or if she’s mad, because both make her behave strangely, but with Dad, there’s no doubt. And we play alot. Sometimes so much that I forget to behave properly around him. Sometimes he’ll get upset at the same time as Mam, so I’ll have to go inbetween to cheer them both up. Sometimes I think I should be in the UN or something, because I’m really good at making people smile and make peace. Dad’s the one who does my claws, and he’s really good at it. Never too short. Sometimes he’ll give me a shower as well. It’s not my favourite thing to do, but swimming is worse. Yup – he made me do that as well. Not funny. At all.

Once in a while he’ll take me out for a ride on the bike, and then I’ll run so fast that I don’t always have time to say hi to other dogs. I always try, though. And sometimes we’ll go driving in a car, and we’ll go meet up with Godfather – he’s the coolest person ever – and Godmother or Auntie Frida, and do something on our own. It’s heavy, though, keeping an eye on everyone all the time so when we get home I like to curl up next to Mam and sleep.

Eating Watermelon

This was a piece of watermelon. It’s something that tastes very good, is very juicy, and very nice. Mam and Dad likes to eat it too, but they say it’s okay for me to have because of the heat we’ve been having lately. It’s a great way to stay cool. Have you tried it?


This is a ball. I always have one or two to play with, and they’ll be squeaky for a while, but I like chewing on ’em until they lose both squeak and fur, and then I’ll chew some more. Sometimes I’ll let Mam and Dad throw borrow one, but they always throw the ball away. They can be so stupid sometimes, but I love them anyway.

I’ll show you a photo of Godfather, Godmother and Auntie some other time, I’m not sure where Mam’s put those pictures, and I’ve got better stuff to do than clawing away at a keyboard.

Come back soon for the next Teylamail, and please bring food. Or a treat. Or food.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Aww haaaai Teyla! Aren’t you a sweetheart!

    I don’t particularly relish the idea of having so much snow, but I’d LOVE for just once in my life, go on a sleigh pulled by Huskies! They’re definitely one of my favorite breeds ever, although I know I will probably never be able to handle one! I can barely make a Chihuahua listen to me LOL

    1. sirilovise says:

      I hardly listen anyway unless there’s something in it for me, like a treat or food. But Chihuhuas always think they’re bigger and stronger than they think they are. I’m not even allowed to say hi when I’m with Mam because she’s worried I might break them.
      I wouldn’t know about sitting on a sleigh, but it was great fun pulling one with the rest of the lot. I was SO proud, and my Mam was too. I think she even forgot to use her cam.
      You really should try it sometime, though. My Mam thinks it’s great craic. Godfather even allowed her to steer once. The first thing she did was tip the whole thing over, but she tipped it right back upright with Godfather just sitting there, smiling to himself and waiting for her to ask how to fix it. You can come, and we’ll go look for the Aurora and Godmother can come over, so you can meet her, and Auntie Frida and maybe we can visit my birthmother and her pack. But don’t bring Kissa and Tango, though. Cats always tease or scare me, and I’m not quite sure what to make of ’em, so you best find a nice babysitter:)

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