Clarins’ Summer Glow-Getters


If you’re like me you’ll be too busy working indoors to actually benefit from any of the supposed warmer weather that’s summer. Living where I do, having the summer off wouldn’t guarantee a summer glow anyways, but any girl that’s been living in Northern Europe at any time during these last, I don’t know, say 15 years should be well aware that there are several ways to fake it. Come to think of it 30 years would be more accurate, considering the 30th anniversary of Guerlains iconic Terracotta powders, but I digress.

Getting back on track, we all know there are more or less successfull ways of achieving that sunkissed look without exposing your skin to tanning beds or spending the days outside – because I can’t do that. I’ve got work to do. So while some people go off on holidays and some just happen to have time off when that big yellow all in the sky shows it’s face, I rely on a selection of Clarins products.

Clarins glow-getters

First off there’s the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. I’m halfway through my bottle. I’ve been using this for a little less than two months now, and I just think it’s a brilliant product. I’ll add a few drops into my moisturizer in the morning, and do my makeup as I ususally would – most days sans foundation or bb/cc cream. The slight tint does the job of evening out my skintone just enough so that whatever redness, be they my ever-blushing cheeks or a pimple, is toned down. I know this sounds strange, but think of it as a drop of red wine on a white blouse that just won’t come out. You’ve tried everything, and you don’t want to toss it, but the purple stain is highly visible on the white fabric. So instead you dye the whole piece another shade. Not the best example, I suppose, but Teyøa and I are having a lazy Sunday – wouldn’t want to ruuin that by being clever.

The concentrated self tan works quickly, but there’s still some redness around my nose most days, so I’ll try to tone that down some more using Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base. I’ve got this in shades 01 and 02. They come in a very handy little tube with a pump, so no worries of the bottle smashing on the bathroom floor, the way I do whenever I pull out my Guerlain primer and foundation.

Shade 01, which I got attending a course, is a pealy white liquid with a pinkish sheen. Brilliant for fair skin in particular, as it can be used to lighten foundation shades somewhat. Also good for achieving porcelaine skin. Shade 02 is golden, and as such great for evening out redness. They both contain colour-correcting pigments though, and are great for adding a glow to your face as well as providing a good base for your foundation. And, as this is Clarins, you get the effects from makeup, but the benefits of a skincare product, in this case added moisture from katafray.

These days i normally use 02 on it’s own, but you can mix it up any way you like, using the bases as primers, on their own, mixed with foundation (or bb/cc cream) or apply on top of foundation as a highlighter. Got to love a multi-tasker! Word of advice, though. I did find that mixing this with my Guerlain Tenue de Perfection didn’t work out very well. On the contrary I found it impaired the result, so if you’re heading for a big night – or big day – DO try it out in advance just in case. I think it my miss there might’ve been due to the foundation being oil based – so I still love both, I just don’t use them in conjunction.

That said, the glow booster does a good enough job that  can now apply whatever blush I like without looking like I’ve run a marathon.

Now, I probably should have told you about a little tube of concealer that I got last autumn. It’s been popping up in the occasional post here and there on my blog, but I never got around to giving it a post of it’s own. I’ve seen others proclaiming their adoration in recent times however, and I’ll let my voice join in the clamour that Clarins Instant Concealer does a pretty decent job.

Instant Concealer

Now, I’ve tried Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Concealer, and this Dior and that YSL, as well as Urban Decay’s concealer, and a small pot from Bare Minerals. I’ll be honest and say there were a few weeks when Bare Minerals almost won me over, but then I found that for my under-eye area it was a no-go. I originally got this in shade 01, which I’ve been using all winter and up until recently, but I was to be delighted to have 02 as well in my drawer – thanks to another Clarins course.

We had a lovely, sunny day off last week, and I spent most of it outside, but when I at the end of the day came home saw that my face had turned a sickly pallour – I was even afeared that I’d cought some nasty bug. I was in good health the next day, and even complained at work about how I had to be the only person I knew of to spend a day in the sun and end up a shade paler than I’d initially been. My boss tried to console me, saying that I was actually lighter around the eye-area than the rest of my skin. Which I decided just meant that it was time to switch my concealer shade.

Anyways, it does a good job of covering up and brightening – Makeupmonster even likens it to a NARS concealer that I no longer feel the need to test. It also hydrates and stimulates microcirculation to depuff the eye area, so double points to Clarins for delivering upon their promise of makeup with the benefits of skincare.

I realize this is getting to be one very long post, but now we’re getting to the fun stuff. I like to think of myself as a lipstick kind of girl. I own glosses, I use them occasionally, but you can even make them in the shape of a pencil and I just know from experience that in the end, I’ll go back to my trusty lipsticks. That said, I don’t much like to use lipsticks in the shape of pencils or lacquers either, because there’s something a bit more “classy” and glamorous about the good old bullet and casing.

Now, Clarins are well known for their Eclat Minute lip perfectors – I’ve only ever met two people who didn’t like it – but they really know how to make a lipstick as well, and when I want something inbetween that also feels moisturizing, I pull out my tube of Joli Rouge Brilliant in Tropical Pink from their spring collection. On me, this is a shimmery, transparent, coral pink that is perfect for everyday wear, and can even accompany a smokey eye. I am actually surprised at how often I’ve been using this, because I was going to pass this one by, but I’m almost past the Clarins logo that’s embossed on the bullet. And did I mention it smells yummy?

The final product is one that, according to my sources, won’t be available in Norway – so I had someone pick it up for me. I regretted not getting Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact last year, and when I heard that this year’s offering from their Colours of Brazil collection would be a match (only with a more practical division of colours) I couldn’t resist.

Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact Colours of Brazil

Isn’t it a beaut? I once had a compact of their regular bronzer, and it was one of those that didn’t make a world of difference to my eye but somehow got me quite a few compliments, even stretching it to a question of where I’d been holidaying, because I looked so glowy and fresh-faced. Unfortunately, that one broke, and at such an early point that I decided not to repuchase – and now I’m paranoid about this one. Good thing it lasts all day, because I’m afraid to carry it with me.

Consisting of two neutral shades of bronzer and a golden highlight embossed with a gorgeous pattern, even non-bloggers would want to capture the beauty of this powder on camera before taking a brush to it. But if you’re lazy like me when it comes to these things, no worries. I’ve used this for more than a week and there’s hardly a disruption at all. That said, I did the blogger thingy and photographed before touching.

I love how this doesn’t have a trace of orange in it, so it doesn’t leave me looking like I’ve rubbed dirt on my face. On the contrary, I find I can even use it for subtle contouring, which is a first for me with bronzers. The product blends easily with my skin, really offering up a healthy sunkissed touch rather than the bronzer look that really isn’t a look at all for fair to light complexions. if you’re a medium, however, sit this one out unless it’s for collecting purposes, because you’re not likely to get much of an effect. While there’s nothing subtle about the exterior (Forgot to photograph that, sorry) this bronzer is subtle makeup at it’s best, and I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this one.

Who else will be faking summer glow? Which glow-getters are you loving at the mo’?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    I now I’m probably supposed to say something about bronzing, but I am really distracted by that Clarins concealer! My tube of NARS is slowly drying out, and I read the Makeup Monster post about how the Clarins one being very similar to NARS. I’m going to take a closer look soon, and hopefully I’ll be able to find a match!

    1. sirilovise says:

      It’s only natural that the concealer caught your attention, then;) The NARS one does come in a wider array of shades, but you might be able to get away with 02 or 03.
      I’ve had my 01 since its release in September I think, and it’s nowhere near empty or dried out – and that’s with daily use, mind.

  2. Haha thanks for the mention I adore this concealer! Also trying out the base in 02 at the moment would love to try number 1 too!

    1. sirilovise says:

      It’s a bit yellower than 02, so normally it works very well with my skin, and especially at covering up my purple-red under-eye circles.

  3. Clarins make the best summer products, no question. I’m currently loving the Hydraquench tinted moisturiser and the new lip balm crayons.

    1. sirilovise says:

      The crayons look lovely – not sure if we’ve got ’em here yet, and if we will :p

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