Mam’s gone crazy with her cam, you guys!


Hey, guys.

Alaskan HuskyI really think you should know, an I had to rant someplace so why not her blog. Mam’s being so annoying! I mean, it’s one thing she’s bossing me around and can’t lie still for one whole night – c’mon! It’s not that hard. What does she have to wriggle around for? I’ve my guard up. I’ll let her know if summat exciting happens. – and she’s been taking alot of photos of me ever since I got here. So annoying having a camera lens in your face all the time.

Well, anyways, I thought it was bad before, but all of a sudden she came home wth a new lens for her camera and now – wouldyoubelievit – she’s even more up in my face! Can’t a dog catch a break? And just to make things worse this thing  happened last night. I mean, we had been visiting this other dog – Cujo her name was BIG dog lot’s of fun, but so easily annoyed with me, dunno what for, I only wanted to play – and when we got home my Mam just wouldn’t go to sleep. I can’t tell you how annoying it is when you’re trying to get some shuteye but you also have to keep a watch on folks that just. Won’t. Lie. Still.

Anyways she kept talking about a price draw she wanted to participate in, but that she had to get something called Instagram to do so and she didn’t have it but now she does. And it’s SUPER annoying! Because now she takes even more photos. She’s in my face all the time! Walking with my friend Tobby (though he can be quite the annoyance as well sometimes), eating, trying to get a nap… All the time! She’s driving me nuts!

Today I was actually relieved to see her leave for something called practice. And then she had dad take me running to meet her, and we brought her rollerblades to meet her and that was fun and exhausting. But guuuuys! She’s driving me crazy. Sometimes I think more than that tail that keeps tailing me.

Of course I couldn’t write a post and not let you know I’ve a tail. Dunno how you humans manage to communicate without one, but we all learn to live with our faults, I suppose. Wouldn’t really know, because if I have any, I’m just too cute and brilliant to let ’em show.

This is good news for you guys though, as it means you get to see a lot more photos of me, and what I get up to – although that’s mainly trying to get some sleep in spite of having that blasted camera in my face. Anyways, dogs make people happy, so you’ll always be able to pop by and have a look at me and that’ll make your day better. Seriously. I’ve got this on the most serious serious authority, based on veryvery strict research. Fur real!

So, I’m not sure how to do this, I am a dog, an while highly intelligent, there’s a limit to what I can do before mam steps out of the shower, but I think you can find some photos of me here. There’s also a chance she’ll show you some other stuff as well there. but  think it’ll be a lot of la Miss Teyla

Alaskan Husky

Got to pretend I’ve been sleeping – she’s coming up the stairs!


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    1. sirilovise says:

      Glad you enjoyed her little rant, because I’m cosidering letting her have her say once in a while in the future. Maybe she’ll be less annoyed with the photography if she knows it might be for her own posts :p

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