Alone-time on a Friday


Violet RoadWhat do you do when the familyfriend whisks off the BF and the furbaby on a trip to the outer reaches of Nowhere, to pretend they are self-sufficient hunters or summat, leaving you with your dizzy spell (a result of poor sleep) which has rendered you unable to participate in today’s volleyball practice?

Me, I decided to make brownies, drink wine, play around with some of my stuff that I ordered from Makeup Revolution and give myself a facial – in addition to sorting through some of the pictures from last weekend, when the BF’s parents treated us to a concert. I am learning to make collages in, and it really is work in progress, so as my cup is steadily draining – I’ll have to refill that – here’s some of what I came up with during my alone-time. Mind you, I have to go to work in the morning, so I’m trying to make the most of today.

Violet Road, 02.05

The concert was great craic, and the BF’s mother was very excited when I told her they’d be doing a mini-concert and signing the next day at a record store. I probably should mention that the band’s called Violet Road, four of the guys are brothers from a place further north, Kåfjord, and it’s really good. You know what? Have a listen. I couldn’t find my fave song, Jericho, but for the very interested, it’s on Spotify. Can you hear the morning singing is cheerier, though, so might be a better way to start the weekend anyways. 

In case you wanted to see the results of my playing with some of the stuff from what’s probably my first and second budget beauty haul in years – I’ve placed two orders already – here’s the results, using The One Foundation in shade 4, Vivid Blush Lacquer in Rush – love the cool, cheery, fresh pink of this one – Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in Disappear till tomorrow and #happylips in Electric love, and the GWP Kajal in black.

Vivid Blush Lacquer Rush

Normally I’d use concealer and eyeshadow primer, and dust on some powder, but as I was just playing around and was going to wash it off pretty quickly, I decided to see how the eyeshadows would behave without it.

There was no fall-out to speak of, and while it probably wouldn’t last three hours on me without creasing, it blended well. I was considering passing this palette to a friend, as I found it to be too similar to my Naked palette, but after this evening, I don’t think I will, as it is rather handy and lightweight, and the shades aren’t that similar. Oh, well. I’ll do a review later on and let you know how it goes.

Rush reminds me of Urban Decay’s creamshadow in Quickie, but I find it a lot easier to blend. Thumbs up to that one as well. The real surprise is the foundation. It’s slighly pinker than I’d like, on my hand it swatches peachy beige, but for a foundation costing 4£, it shows a lot of promise. Admittedly, I have yet to wear this for more than 40 minutes, but I’ve already decided I like it far better than some of the stuff I’ve tried, and it’s actually fairly comfortable to wear.

I promise that I will try to come up with proper reviews for most, if not all, of the stuff, but for now I’m taking my time getting familiar with it all.

Show of hands: Who’s tried or planning on trying Makeup Revolution?


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