Scribbles Making a Splash


20140504-150057.jpgThere’s this thing on Facebook where people tag each other to go swimming in the ocean within 24h after being tagged. Guess what: Someone tagged me. Personally I find this whole trend annoying and stupid, because it’s freezing up here – it’s May the fourth and everything’s covered in the white cold stuff commonly known as snow. Now, me, I can’t refuse a challenge, so upon being tagged – thankfully on a sunny Sunday – gathered a crew The Martins and went swimming. Now, my Irish friend who came visiting a few months ago thought Norway to be a healthy country. I am hereby providing proof that we’re not. We’re just plain ol’ crazies.

I was very nervous, mostly because I hate being on camera, and in part because I wasn’t looking forward to the clenching feeling of cold water around my throat and neck. To be honest, though, I was so cold to start with, that the wetness aside – can you imagine, the water is wet – it didn’t make much of a difference. That said I’m not sure what I said in the vid, and I don’t want to know, so if I’ve used any obscene language, I apologize. Also, I am wearing a bikini underneath the dress. What d’you take me for?

I haven’t watched this video myself, because I don’t find this amusing as much as I find it annoying, and tagged the only person  would wish this wet experience upon is a friend of my boyfriend who keeps calling at half-early in the morning, waking me in the process. And I’m sleep-deprived. Very sleep-deprived. So I’ve charged my BF with tagging this person when this post goes up on my Facebook feed. His punishment, should he decline the challenge is to donate 300 NOK to Norwegian People’s Aid.

I would also encourage everyone else – the few that hasn’t made the leap yet –  not to go swimming. Besides, if you live down south, there’s no point, because it’ll be tropical by comparison. Instead, make an offer of donating to a charity or humanitarian organization to compensate for your choice of staying warm.

That’s all from the Scribbles HQ on this wet Sunday. May the 4th be with yous.



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