Corrupted by Black Honey and Chocolate

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade Chocolate

So I did a look with the Neutral Territory 2 palette, using the reddened shade Black Chocolate in the crease (and the remaining 7 shades on the rest of my lids), which as suspected did a lot to bring out my green eyes (putting the combo in the mental Makeup for Green Eyes archives).  I also used some other faves like Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Corrupt and the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade that I’ve been lusting after for months but didn’t dare order from cult beauty because I couldn’t decide which colour I’d need.

Anyways, when it appeared at my regular haunt counter I had a go at it and there was no going back. I opted for the shade Chocolate, as that was the best match for my colouring, but the Guerlain kit will be a go-to for less dramatic brows. I need a bit of practice with this, though, because it really doesn’t leave any room for mistakes – unlike my Guerlain eyebrow kit and my Sensai brow pencil – it’s very saturated and yes, I’m considering using it as an eyeliner too, because it glides on super creamy, and because you can actually do that with it. Brill!

That said, if I could’ve had everything my own way I’d like for this to come in a box with two compartments, one of which containing a lighter shade, because there’s no way I’ll be able to use two full jars of this stuff if I were to buy two separate shades, and I find I get a more natural result when using multiple shades. Again, I haven’t made an issue of this with my other products, so I shouldn’t complain now, but it’s not for nothing that I for special occasions would first apply a pencil product and follow with one or two matte powder products, like UDs Secret Service or Tease eyeshadows.

While it doens’t set my brow hairs into place, the skin underneath in a natural manner, so great for filling in the sparse spots in my brows that brow tinting can’t fix. Also, when I’m being lazy about colouring my brows, this will be grand because it tints my brow hairs as well – which is something I’ve always missed in my other brow products. The consistency really allows for a precise application, but be sure to use a good brush, preferably a flat angled one, because like I said, you can’t afford mistakes. I spent about 15 minutes yesterday doing my makeup, then 30 minutes going back in trying to correct my overly full brows.

Anastasia dip brow pomadeBy the way, please ignore the undone ‘do. I hadn’t decided what to do with my hair yet.

Again, I haven’t done any extreme testing, but it did survive a very snowy walk to the bus, and held up through work and a good walk in the evening without budging – and came right off with my cleansing balm from The Body Shop after.

Makeup for Green EyesOh, by the way, I just love how Intense Nude makes my lips look. I’m always surprised when something gimmicky (“sculpting”? Ha!) actually turns out to do what it says. Also I’ve been using the Bourjois CC cream and a bit of blush layering with Bourjois cream blush in Healthy Glow and Dior#849 – it’s another one of thos insta-cheekbones shades, but less shimmery than my Michael Kors Flush.

Teyla helped

Teyla just wanted me to point out that she helped with the photos by guarding my feet. Credit where credit’s due, right?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Hahaha Teyla! Also, love your top! We should start a black lacy top fan club!

    Your brows look fabulous here! Scratch that: you just look fabulous here! I like how it seems to fill in bald spots (oh the amount of those I have), but I’m not sure about the hard to correct part. I am still not an expert in filling in my brows, and sometimes I do need to correct them a little… Hmm.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks, Sunny. It really is good for doing that, and I’m rapidly improving my skills, and while mistakes are harder to correct than with a powder, I find that I’m also making fewer now, mainly due to the consistency of the product. I was actually rather pleased today, and it really makes for a brill eyeliner 🙂

      We should include the white lacy tops as well, though, as they go so well with red lips or a coral lip and tan skin 😉

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