A Venture Into Neutral Territory

Clinique Neutral Territory 2

Living where I do makes me somewhat late to the party when it comes to most new releases. When I first heard of Clinique’s 16 shades of beige collection I figured that’d be yet another launch that would never reach the outer reaches of Makeuplandia. Then upon attending a Clinique course back in January I got to swatch the Neutral Territory 2 palette along with the confirmation that we’d be seing these on counter here as well. YAY!

The palette is smaller than an Iphone and slimmer and longer than UDs Naked basics. You could almost use the exterior as a mirror, but that also makes the shiny case a CSIs dream because it attracts fingerprints like nobody’s business. That aside, I must say Clinique’s really made the best of the small packaging. UD’s 6 shadows from Naked Basics weigh in at 1,3g each, while Clinique’s 8 totals at 11,7g – 1,46g each – and Clinique has even found the space to throw in a brush. However I think I’ll sub that one for one of my smaller UD brushes from another palette. Anyways, considering how I’ve only hit pan on one of the UD shades I expect to get quite a few looks out of this one.

Clinique Neutral Territory 2

Clinique Neutral Territory 2

All of the shades are from their permanent lineup, but they’ve never been put together in this manner before. And here’s a confession – I haven’t applied any of these to my lids yet, so I’m basing this on my experience with their permanent range. Now, I do miss a good matte or two in this one, and to be honest I feel they could have subbed Sugar Cane – a frosty white that’s supposed to be soft shimmer – and the Light shade from diamonds and pearls duo – a creamy yellow shimmer shade, very similar to UD’s Foxy – for a matte highlight and a matte taupey shade. Next is the Light shade of neutral territory duo. This is a gorgous light, shimmery, peachy beige, perfect for a brightening wash over lids, a base colour or highlight.

The fourth shade from the left is the Light shade of day into date duo. And let me just stress that the reason for all this creative naming is that the shades are permanent, just not necessarily sold as singles. A peach satin shade, this is somewhat unexpected and even scary, but considering my recent discovery of UDs chopper, I probably won’t take as long in trying it on my lids. After all, this is less frosty, no glitter and somewhat pinker than chopper. Will probably make a good lid and blending colour.

I found that these four shades swatch somewhat sheer. Even so, they are creamy and delightful to touch. I’m really looking forward to creating some looks with these.

Finally we get to the shades that made me say I WANT THIS back in January. Brown shade of polar blue quad is a gorgous satiny taupe. It’s light enough to use as a wash over the lids when you’re in a hurry, or a lid colour for a soft daytime smokey eye. Might even work in the crease. Then there’s Hazy, a darker, warmer, rosy, brown, shimmery taupe. I just want to use it all over. It’s fab!

Now, a shade that I’ve been wnting to try with my green eyes is Black honey. A dark, reddish brown loaded with gorgeous shimmer. I honestly don’t thnk I have anything like it in my collection. The final shade is the Dark brown shade of morning java quadAptly named as it’s somewhat reminiscent of a cup of coffee. It swatches dark brown, almost taupe – I’m not obsessed with taupes at all – and the shimmer is very subtle, so it really should make for a good liner and crease shade.

Clinique Neutral Territory 2

I’ve swatched the palette in sunlight, using the sponge applicator, and no primer. The colour pay-off is good, the shades are soft and easy to blend. If you find UD’s Naked palette shades to be too frosted or just out of your reach you might want to check out Clinique’s offering, but be quick about it, because I think it’s limited edition. Also, this is a bit handier to lug around if you spend a lot of time on the go.

Now for something different. If you’re wondering what “spring” is like up north clicky here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some eyemakeup to apply.


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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey girl, I heard great things about this one, but I was so sure it’d look reddish and muddy on me that I passed! It was sold out REALLY fast here though. I suppose it’s great investment 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      I wasn’t entirely sure about some of the shades, but I can use all of the shades without a hitch – and more importantly without looking like I’ve been weeping, which is always good with reddish shades like #4 from the left and black honey.

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