Tuseday Is The Hardest Day Of The Week

2014-03-31 11.10.06

True story. Most people like to think it’s Monday, because it’s the first day after the weekend, but it’s Tuseday, as by now whatever feeling of being rested you might’ve had from the weekend is gone, you’ve already updated everyone who wasn’t there on your doings and it’s still three-four days to go to the weekend. So I figured you might as well take in yet another picture of Teyla (she learned to pose over the weekend), as pets (and lipstick) makes people happy. And music. We need music.


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    1. sirilovise says:

      She’s the apple of my eye 🙂

  1. Sunny says:

    Teylaaaaa!!! She just looks so smart. I can’t get over how SMART this dog looks!

    1. sirilovise says:

      She is too, especially when there’s food in the picture. She’ll do anything, even risk the consequences of stealing it from the table. You’ll never hear the glasses clinking or cutlery being shuffled, but leave the room and you might go hungry yourself. Ever had that problem with the cats?

      1. Sunny says:

        Haha hmm they aren’t that bad. Even if they steal, they don’t steal on the same scale. Kissa (the tabby one) lived on the streets before, so she is way more interested in human food than my other cats. She would jump onto my lap when I’m eating, or walk around us like a shark. There was this once I put 2 leftover chicken skewers on the kitchen counter. The next time I went into the kitchen, I saw the skewers on the floor and a HAPPY HAPPY kitty with a round tummy (she didn’t finish everything). I have got smarter since then by keeping all the meet/dairy completely out of her reach!

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