Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream is Colour Correction Perfected.


I was very intrigued by Emma’s review of Bourjois’ new CC cream back in January, but I was enamoured by the Diorskin Nude BB cream at the time, and working my way through a tube of Esteé Lauders that I got at a course. And then an Irish friend was travelling this way and I had her pick this up for me in the shade 32. I was a bit off with my guess, because it’s slightly darker than I expected, so I like to mix it with Clarins new radiance boosting base in 01, as that employs a similar colour-correcting technology, and Guerlain Meteorites in 02 Clair, as it works to brighten the complexion as a whole, whereas my Hourglass powder mostly works to correct dullness and redness.

The texture of the 123 Perfect CC cream is very lightweight, somewhat runny, slightly thicker than the new Air de Tent from Lancôme, but offering a lot more colour correction, at least for my skin. I also find that it applies smoother. But I probably should mention that I didn’t like the Air de Teint at all upon it’s arival in store, as it felt like smearing my face with a mix of powder and dimethicone or some other silicone before starting to itch, so I suppose I’m not being fair in comparing it to that.

It’s also similar in consistency to Chanel’s famous Vitalumiere Aqua, which I do like, but I find the latter to dry more powdery. Again, I suppose I’m not being entirely fair, comparing to foundations, but I’m really pleased with the coverage this CC cream has to offer, and I find it really does hold its own against these products, and I also find these products to be the most similar to the Bourjois CC cream.

I’ve heard that Bourjois is a sister company of Chanel, so I suppose I should mention the Chanel BB cream, but I wasn’t half as impressed with that either as I am with this CC cream. Shadewise, texture or scent. It just turned me orange, which in general isn’t a colour I like on my face, with an exception I’m going to come back to in this post.

Now, I’m not big on budget brands, mostly as a result of budget brands not being that much more budget friendly. Why spend huge amounts of money going through umpteen different “budget friendly” products searching for “the one” which probably will have to be buildt up to get the coverage I want, not lasting 6 months if it weren’t for the fact that I didn’t really enjoy using it, when I can spend around 50€, and get something I love that will last me a year? That said, I’m very pleased with this one. To the point that I’ve asked a friend to adopt my BB cream, and I’m no longer considering getting another tube of Diorskin. And as a bonus, this costs less than half of the others I’ve mentioned.


Moving on to putting orange on my face, the colour, not the fruit, Sara Kalima of Love Thing has created a lovely tutorial that finally gave me the guts to try out the one unused shade in my Naked 2 palette. That’s right. I’m finally able to give all of the shades in said palette the love they deserve.

You see, Chopper, a cool, orangey copper to my eye, looked like the sort of stuff that would make me look like I’d spent the last eight hours crying. And t’s a glitter shade to boot. I just didn’t see it working for me, especially not for daytime.

Sara’s been a long-time favourite of mine, though, and she does these gorgeous, dramatic makeup looks, and some less dramatic ones, so when she made a tutorial using it, I had to give it a go.

I substituted MAC Swiss Chocolate with UD Beware from the Theodora palette and MAC Kid for UD Naked. I used UDs Walk of Shame as a highlight, and a gel liner from Makeup Store. Obviously, I’m not wearing falsies here. The base is a mix of Clarins Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in 02 and Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream, a touch of Michael Kors’ bronzer in Flush on cheekbones, and a mix of various Ambient Lighting Powders for setting. Oh! And I’ve just started using Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer. There is a chance it might substitue my Clarins Instant Concealer. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Anyways, for the first time in history, I give you Chopper in action.

I added this photo just to give you a proper look of the um... look.
I added this photo just to give you a proper look of the um… look.

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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey girl, nice to see your face! You’re gorgeous!!! I’ve been intrigued by this one because Lisa Eldridge mentioned it in a couple of her videos (and I want everything that woman raves about, haha). I’m just not sure if it has enough oil control for my T-zone! I never wear Chopper because of the micro glitter. If they took that out I might like it much more (same goes to Sidecar. That is one gorgeous taupe ruined by all the fallout)!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hiyah:) Thanks, I quit the Clinique 3-step (my skin was getting sensitized again) and the pimples mostly cleared up shortly after. I get you, she’s amazing! I don’t think there’s much oil control at work here, no, but maybe a primer could help?
      The glitters were another reason Chopper’s been unused for so long, but somehow it magically disappeared. None on my face at all – it’s the same with YDK. I try to forget about Sidecar as I love the shade but loathe the huge chunks of so-called micro glitter, and with that one it gets EVERYWHERE. if not for that I’d probably hit pan on it before the launch of Naked 2.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Chopper looks pretty amazing on you though!! (I was seriously going to ask what eyeshadows you were using)
    I’ve been looking into getting more BB creams/tinted moisturizers to use since my skin is clearing up, and we’re heading into spring. Definitely will have to give this a try!
    (Now if you’ll excuse me, gonna look up if Bourjois is actually Chanel’s sister company)

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks, girl 🙂 I can’t speak for those of oily skin, but for my dry skin, it’s a rarity in that it’s budget friendly and I’m happy with it. Pease, let me know what you find, because like I said, I’ve only heard it mentioned somewhere – and it’s not something the Chanel reps visiting are ready to divulge on the spot :p That said, if so is the case, it would explain how they keep getting rave reviews on their bases, and why their cream blushes are so lovely.

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