The Revolution on My Lips


Urban Decay 69

A “bright red with pink undertone”. You know which one I’m talking about. Of cours it had to be Urban Decay’s 69 lippie. While everybody else’s going for orange toned lips, I’m wearing a red with blue undertones – which were all the more pronounced next to my MUS Pout. I bought 69, based on swatches and colour descriptions, hoping it would be able to substitute Pout. Both shades are very bright, vivid reds, almost dupes of each other. Yay! Pout leans slightly more yellow, figures since I’d been in the market for a wearable coral red at the time. That, however, is hardly apparent unless the two are swatched side by side.

Anyways, 69 has the BFs seal of approval, as he without my even asking exclaimed “It’s a pretty colour.” while I was comparing the shades. I wore it to work yesterday, where we have a very dry environment, and made it through the day with one reapplication after I’d eaten . So the formula’s definetely ticking the box for moisturizing. With no help from my pawpaw, 69 still managed to leave my lips feeling soft and avoid flaking.

Even so, there was hardly any feathering, none that anybody else but me would notice. Just a lively red that stayed put where I’d put it, with a velvety soft finish – somewhere in between satin and matte. There was hardly any noticable fading, and when it did fade I was still left with a stain that could easily pass for intentional. I really don’t have much else to say about. From my previous experiences (Shame here, Venom here) with the Revolution lipsticks I knew the formula would be fantastic, the shade to be creamy and opaque, the packaging to be sturdy and stylish. I’d been wanting this shade since the launch, but I was afraid it would apply too similar to Catfight, but that is indeed a reddened pink, whereas 69 is a red.

Urban Decay Revolution

By the way, is finally now stocking Urban Decay, giving us makeup addicts another opportunity to get our fix, the others being and, so none of that ebay shopping where you risk getting counterfeit products, thank you very much.

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  1. Sunny says:

    69 looks fantastic on you! I keep meaning to try one, but I can’t seem to make up my mind which shade I’ll pick yet! Also, I didn’t really know Teyla is THIS big! Now I see her head next to yours, I am really surprised! ❤

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hey, Sunny, how are things with you?
      Thanks, it’s a new fave. Had some trouble, myself, choosing a starting point – it took me forever to get my first. The shades are so beautiful.
      I know! I was surprised myself to see the pictures. Obviously, part of it’s her being closer to the camera, but she’s grown quite a bit during the last few weeks. We get so used to seeing her, we hardly notice. ❤

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