It’s ALL About Me


It's all about Teyla and me

I entered a competition at to win an “It’s all about me” T-shirt designed by none other than me very own self – And I was one of the very lucky 500 to win my design. I got it today, and I love it! It’s made from viscose, one of my fave fabrics in spite of its tendency to shrink in the wash, derived from bamboo fibres. I put it on soon as I got back from our little walk, and had the BF photograph us, as he’s home sick these days. It was one of those rare occasions for a non-selfie shoot.

Anyways, BIIIG thank you to feelunique, and congrats to all of the other winners. You can have a look at the other tees over on their facebook here.

Feelunique T-shirt

It's all about me tee

Teyla and it's all about me

The tee wasn’t all that arrived in the mail today? Read my lips, and stay tuned for a review.





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