Michael Kors’ Flush is the Star of Today’s Five Product Face

5 product faceI found the Michael Kors line to be a lot of glam packaging, and ok products but nothing too exciting. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is good, but there was nothing I felt I needed in my stash. The gorgeous berry lippie I’d wanted turned out to be too sheer for my fancy, and only the fairest of the bronzers caught my eye but I’d come to the point where I thought my collection of bronzers complete.  After seeing Karens review over at Lovely Girlie Bits, however, I found that there might be a ginormous, square hole in my makeup collection that I hadn’t been aware of. I had to see for myself, so the next day I tried on the bronzer shade that I only found mildly interesting – Flush.

On the outside it’s a huge golde tile, embossed with the Michael Kors logo. It is indeed impractically large, but then the pan fits a fair amount of product as well, and there’s a mirror filling the entire lid, so you won’t be needing any other mirors in your purse – if you can fit this one, that is.

Insde is a product I’d be hesitant to call bronzer, as it’s got a lot more pink to it than traditional bronzers. It is however a finely milled, glowy, shimmery blush, the shimmer being so fine and the colour working in such a way you just look like you’ve been spending the weekend enjoying a bit of sunshine and skiing because you’re healthy like that. Disclaimer: Me skiing and enjoying is not something that’s likely to happen any time soon.

Michael Kors did indeed mislabel this one, though Whether you like to call it a bronzer or a blush, what it should be called is Michael Kors Insta-cheekbones. Not to brag, but being a Nordkalott-cocktail (which I find to be the term best describing people haling from the Cap of the North) I’m not exactly lacking  cheekbones, but oh, I do love defining them. And that’s what this beauty does. In addition to lending a healthy flush of colour to cheeks this gold encased pan of lovely highlights and sculpts the cheekbones in mere swipes of your brush. No wonder it makes the star of my five-product face.

Michael Kors Flush

Other products I’ve used is Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Perfector – but if I were after a more polished look I’d probably opt out of this one in favour of a brow product, concealer or eyeshadow. Bourjos 123 Perfect CC Cream, Clarins Be Long Mascara, and Dior Lip Glow in Coral  – because it’s winter and you’ll be in trouble if you haven’t got some sort of lipbalm.

Now, as it is important to do something completely different during breaks when reading, we spent the next break walking in the sunshine. And a bit of running, but mostly walking.

Winter sun

alaskan husky

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