Some New Favourites Meet An Old Friend


Real TechniquesI may or may not have forgotten about an old favourite standing on the bathroom shelf. Of late I’ve been having issues with my skin – most likely a result of a change in my skincare routine, but more on that later – so for the time being I should be extra careful to avoid irrating it further. That means clean sheets and clean, germ-free brushes. Yes, yes, I can hear one of you whom I know lecturing me about germs we need and don’t and how it’s impossible to get rid of them all. No germs that will aggravate a breakout further. So I figured I’d take an old friend from the shelf and dust it off. Normally I use shampoo and water, but sometimes you need a quick fix. Everyone, meet Make Up Store’s Brush Cleaner.

Inside the sleek black bottle hides a clear liquid that will not only decontaminate your brushes, but also rid you of what I’d deem to be 97% of the product remains on your brushes. Dirt that would otherwise be highly visible on the bristles of my Real Technique brushes, which are my current faves. It takes about ten minutes max to go through the little collection I’ve got, and two more for the last brushes to dry completely. I just pour some of the liquid into the cap and dip my brush in it before brushing back and forth on a paper towel, or pour it on the paper towel itself. Depending on the amount of product on the brush.

could probably do a review on the brushes as well, but I don’t really feel it’s necessary, considering the amount of reviews out there concerning these brushes. Let me know if youse feel otherwise, but for the nonce I’ll point out a few that I’ve found particularly useful. I got mine from Iherb, which is the least expensive option I’ve found, and unless you’ve shopped with them before, you can use the code YEC058 to get a discount on your first order.

The foundation brush, third from the right, was one of those “meh, I don’t really need another one” products for me, but I really wanted to try the brushes so opted for a Core Collection kit, in spite of the inclusion of said brush. As it turned out, though, it’s brilliant! The head is very small in size, more of an oversized concealer brush, really, but it’s the best in my stash as it doesn’t drink up half the product. This means less waste! It takes some time, but you can use it for your whole face for full coverage, or using your fingers or a buffing brush apply foundation all over, and then use this one where you feel you need a bit more coverage. To me that’s my cheeks and nose. And I’ll also squeeze a drop of concealer onto it to apply underneath my eyes. Works like a charm.

Second, the shading brush. The purple ones that I’ve got two of. That’s right. I love it so much I had to have two. I can’t tell you how much I love these little brushes, I use them for everything eyemakeup except for liner and very tiny details.

The essential crease brush, the purple, fluffy one that I’ve only got one of, was my main reason for wanting the Sam’s picks kit. I’m always on the lookout for a good blending brush, especially after seeing Linda Hallbergs looks. They’re fabulous and her blending’s impeccable.

Also from Sam’s picks is the setting brush, small pink brush next to the big, fluffy one. Another I ddn’t think I’d be using much, but turns out it’s brilliant for contouring.

So those are my favourites from the line, and while I didn’t take a before-photo, I must say I had my doubts that I’d get them this clean ever again, but Make Up Store’s brush cleaner made them all nice and white-tipped again. What do youse prefer to get your hard-working tools in perfect condition?


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