Adding a Couple of Wolves to the Sofa…?

I saw these lovely cushions at an interior shop in the city centre and I just had to have one. And then I couldn’t have one lone wolf, so I had to get another one. Teyla doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Some New Favourites Meet An Old Friend

I may or may not have forgotten about an old favourite standing on the bathroom shelf. Of late I’ve been having issues with my skin – most likely a result of a change in my skincare routine, but more on that later – so for the time being I should be extra careful to avoid…

Today’s walk

There should be a law against staying inside with the weather like this.


You know, when I posted last, I’d have thought my next post would be about Bourjois new CC cream, or Guerlain’s stardust technology that they’ve applied to their reformulated meteorites, or even a little progress report on Bowyer Bell’s book on the IRA – I swear, just getting through one page takes 30 minutes! But…