In Search of Sun


TromsøAlaskan huskyYesterday was what we call “Soldagen” hereabouts, the sun-day, and as I had today off, and the weather was nice, me and Teyla went in search of some sunshine. Unfortunately we were out a bit early, and I was supposed to do some work so we didn’t get to see the actual sun on the horizon. The enjoyment was somewhat dampened when I fell down a steep slope and hit my head on a lump of ice. Teyla even seemed to be aware of her involvement in my injury, as she eagerly started to run once she noticed my ahem… quickened pace, because she’s been very cuddly and caring since we got home, even after I returned from a check at the doctor’s office just to make sure it wasn’t serious.

Some say a dog’s emotional intelligence is equal to that of a human 2 year old. Now, since the beginning we’ve given her credit for being very intelligent – and highly adept at critical thinking – but after certain incidents I’m beginning to wonder if she’s even brighter than we give her credit for.


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  1. Sunny says:

    OH NO I’m so sorry to hear about the fall! Are you OK? I am not very good at walking in snow at all. I’m pretty sure I have slipped as well, but it was mostly on the street instead of in the (for lack of a better word) wild!

    My mom said cats have the intelligence of 2-year-olds (since she raised 3 kids I’m inclined to believe her), but I guess dogs maybe a little more? Or at least they can be bothered to show that they know what happened 😉

  2. sirilovise says:

    Thanks for your concern, I’m good. The doctor spent half the time “calming” us, saying that it’s likely it’s not a concussion, but I think I might still have gotten a mild one, because I still felt unwell yesterday. Much better today, and started temping in a kindergarten. Also took the wee girl running, so she’s fast asleep in her bed now.

    Hehe. I once heard, although it might be a myth, that our muscles develop slightly different to those of other due to conditions during winter.

    I wouldn’t really know about cats, although by human standards I’d be inclined to agree. That said, cats are very independent creatures, and as such probably just can’t be bothered 😉

    Obviously, like any mother, I’m biased and would like to think my baby the worlds’ brightest. She does however show the same tendencies to feeling ashamed or comforting that I’ve seen in children aged older than two :p

    1. Sunny says:

      Great to know you’re doing well!

      I am not sure about the muscles (though that wouldn’t surprise me), but I think experience really counts. Someone had to tell me to avoid the shiny surface because it’s ice and that’s slippery. It’s not really common sense where I’m from LOL

      It’s so funny that dogs actually have a sense of shame. I can’t say the same thing about cats! They know they’ve done something to make you mad, but actually feeling ashamed? I just can’t say 😉

  3. Oh wow your pictures are just beautiful!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks:) The beauty of living here, which I find is also the case in Ireland, is that the natural light can be so lovely at times that all you have to do is point and shoot 😉

  4. Anne says:

    Sorry about the fall, but glad it wasn’t serious! Always read your posts but am terrible at commenting.. but absolutely love the photos, so gonna try to make a trip soon, just have to get settled at the new place! 😀

    1. sirilovise says:

      Well, one can’t comment all the time 😉 You’ll just have to! Glad you like – there’s more on the way 😉 I was so sorry to hear about N’s aunt, which sad in itself as it is, also means she won’t be coming north this weekend. But maybe next time you can coordinate 😉

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