My first post of the new year – It’s been a long time.

So, happy new year, everybody. Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and have had a great start to the new year.

The last time I posted I didn’t realize it’d be the last post of the year – I had every intention of writing at least two posts more. Things don’t always turn out the way you plan, though, and things got a bit hectic ’round here come Christmas, and I had to prioritize – blogging about my fave makeup products, or having breakfast and movienights with friends. Obviously, blogging lost out.

In order not to let yous all feel left out, because I do appreciate how you’ve taken the time to stop by my little blog here, here are some of the things I’ve been up to lately. So sit back and take in some pics from up north.

Guerlain Sulfurous

Firstly, did you manage to get your hands on Guerlain’s Sulfurous and the UV top coat? If not, they’re well worth shopping for on the the sales. It’s kind of hard to really describe Sulfurous, but I’ll have a go at it. It’s a shimmery taupe bronze with hints of purple, enhanced by the UV top coat which also works well on it’s own to create a subtle, natural french mani. Dior’s Glow has a smilar effect, whitening the white, and making the pink pinker, but while that one doesn’t work for me, the purple top coat from Guerlain does. Haven’t tested the UV effect, yet, and mayhap I never will. Anyways, great product for lazy days, and if you’re not big on pastels yet, these two together will help you get through the collections we’re about to see, now that we’re nearing springtime.

TromsøSome evenings are too lovely to be spent indoors blogging, and when you’ve got a wee lass that needs walking, well, there’s naught else for you to do but get your mittens and get out.

IMG_0164IMG_0184I was, however, devastated by the BF taking our wee lass to see his family over the holidays – thus I spent the weekend after they left at a friend’s – the movienights and breakfasts. But I took comfort in the books I got for Christmas, baking, taking her “auntie” for walks, and finally a friend took me along to a place called Lille My. Shopping and coffee within four walls – YAY! I love umpteen clocks hanging on one wall.

By the way, this all happened a bit of a drive from the city, as I was home at my parents’, and eventually the BF and Teyla came to visit, and bring me home to the city for to celebrate new year’s eve in the company of some of our friends. The BF cooked a lovely dinner from the piece of moose steak we got from my dad, and then we went on to eating cake and popping a bottle of champagne – after all we were celebrating a friend’s birthday as well.
Lille My



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