A Nifty Little Dior Treat.

Alaskan Husky Dior GWPJust as I was lamenting my inability to do a makeup-look on myself that’s natural, yet defined and balanced I got my paws into the currently available (hereabouts) gift with purchase palette from Dior. It’s small, but oh! So pretty! While I do prefer separate compartments for cream and powder products, I don’t mind too much – and I forgot all about it upon discovering that what we all thought to be glosses were two of the lipsticks from the Rouge Dior Nude line, namely shades 169 and 263. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a bit of gloss, but I’m really more of a lipstick kind of girl, and these apply smooth for a my lips but better look that goes perfectly with the eyeshadows, 844, 031and 770.

SAMSUNG CSCIn words those who don’t sit around memorizing shade numbers can understand, this means we’re left with a nifty little palette that will fit into most any purse and provide us with a large mirror for check-ups and touch-ups. The three SAMSUNG CSCshades of eyeshadows are made up of a lovely, creamy beige with just the right amount of shimmer to work as an everyday highlighter. The next is a medium shade that can be described as either a taupey grey or a grey-leaning taupe. Also a shimmer, but nothing too extravagant. The final eyeshadow is a darkened taupe, slightly browner, I’d say, than Urban Decay’s Tease. This is an almost-matte satin colour, great for shading the crease.SAMSUNG CSC

The great thing is, you can use this palette for a natural daytime look, or a smokey eye, or you could add a red lippie to the mix, and you’d still have leftover space in the tiny clutch that you’ll eventually give up in favour of your partner’s blazer pockets because you’re tired of holding it. The point I’m trying to make is, this palette’s highly versatile, whether you’re attending a party or going away for the weekend, and definetely worth the 600 NOK you’d have to spend on Dior in order to recieve this little gift. And it’s the perfect excuse to finally get started with your Christmas shopping – less than 2 months to go, I’m just saying.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. KittNoir says:

    Great photo at the start!!

  2. Sunny says:

    Ah eeee Dior! A PUPPY! Your pretty face! All my favorite things! We don’t get any of the holiday palettes here (bummer), but I’ll be at a duty free store tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get to see some of them! I’m definitely a lipstick girl as well, so I totally understand why you were happy those aren’t glosses!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hehe. Even the BF had to admit that was a great shot. She usually keeps me company in the mornings, and she was paying particular attention as I moved the camera out of the mirror reflection;-) You sure travel a lot, girl. The palette I’ve got here’s gwp, though, but I’ll warrant they have a bigger version or something similar at the tax free. Even on their own those lippies would make a good investment, though;-)

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