Afternoon Tea And New Shoes


Tea cupMy camera was acting up today, so neither of my automatic settings, nor manual would grant me more than a handful of passable photographs. Good thing I’m not reviewing any products today.

I actually declined my chance of three minutes of fame today. There was a guy from the local newspaper visiting the store today, asking for the previous owner as the revered lady’s a devoted fan of the local football club. As she wasn’t there, he offered to ask me some questions regarding something something ’bout the coach and the series and how the team’s been doing and I don’t know. Me, not a big fan of football, suggested he talked to one of my friends instead as I might risk being lynched should I give him my thoughts on the matter. He took my advice to heart though, and went in search of my friend at her workplace. For some strange reason she wasn’t happy about the visit, but conceded that it was for the best – knowing what I might’ve been capable of saying.

The Lady herself. Notice the lovely wallpaper in the background.
The Lady herself. Notice the lovely wallpaper in the background.


From one thing to another, the opening hours of one of my fave cafés, Tante Inger’s Tehus, really doesn’t suit my work schedule, but when an early shift coincided with afternoon tea, I had to bring a group of friends and have a cuppa my fave darjeeling. Problem was, one friend hadn’t told me of her intolerance to certain foods, and the other two didn’t particularly like tea, so it was a slightly exasperated owner that served us lovely sandwiches, scones and cakes. I don’t know about the rest, but I was quite content, sipping my tea and chatting about, well, stuff and next weekends Halloween party.

One of the few decent shots. I love that look on my friend's face!
One of the few decent shots. I love that look on my friend’s face!

When it comes down to the spot itself, it’s basically a livingroom with several sitting groups and another room containing the counter and a kitchen table. And a shelf where guests can pick their fave cups. Very quaint.

Anyways, this lady knows how to make a cup of tea – hint, you don’t put a pinch of tealeaves in a cup of boiling water and then hand it to your guest as they do in certain less civilized cafés. She’s got a timer and the lot to make sure it’s just right.

One must document every meal - or just this one.
One must document every meal – or just this one.


And she makes the best lemon tart, and lemon curd and rhubarb something something. To cut this short, and get on to the part about the new shoes (a girl’s got to have her shoes), if you’re in Tromsø, it’s not a Sunday, and it’s within opening hours (11.00-16.00) that’s the best spot for a hearty lunch.

Trying on part of my costume - those are cat's ears, in case you wondered.
Trying on part of my costume – those are cat’s ears, in case you wondered.

On to the shoes, I’ve been on the search for Nike Free Run with shield for 1,5-2 years. Finally they hit town, and I got them at a 25% discount – and decided the BF needed a pair as well. The concept of Nike shield simplified is to keep your feet dry while exercising outdoors during fall and winter months. With that in mind they’ve also added a lightreflecting material in order for your feet to show up during conditions of poor lighting.

There was a time when I’d go jogging almost every night, however this led to inflammations in both legs and I’ve had to be careful since, in order to keep it under control. That being said, Nike Free Runs have proven to be the best footwear for my fet as I’m now able to go for a little jog with Teyla without regretting my decision as I change into boots for work the next day. Actually, I’ve hardly been bothered at all since I first stepped into a pair.

Alaskan Husky PuppyWith Teyla being a girl that loves to run, it’s a good thing if her Mom’s able to keep up without giving though to pains or wet feet, and I can tell you after todays walk – I was on the phone for the most part, discussing another exercise-related situation with a friend – the only thing these lovelies lack is a less slippery sole. Great for wet weather – we tend to get that any time of the year – great for cold weather – we get that most of the year – and great for small runs, which I do on occasion.

Considering that the wee lass is lying next to me, sleeping, I daresay I’ve made a good investment today.

Oh, and might I add, I was very happy to see they made these in dark purple rather than glow in the dark-pink. I’m so pleased!Nike Free Shield

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