Urban Decay puts other lippies to Shame

Urban Decay ShameI have two complaints with Urban Decay’s new lippies. One being the shape of the bullets – I need a lip brush to apply it properly, as the current shape doesn’t follow my lip contour, the other being the need for a lip pencil if I don’t want to use a brush to fill out my lips completely.

That being said, I love the creamyness and the way the superpigmented formula applies like a dream – I just can’t get at my cupid’s bow – and considering the shades I currently seem to prefer I can’t get away with merely slicking things on and hoping the product will migrate itself into place. These babies hardly migrate at allUrabn Decay Shame.

Anyways, I’ve been raving about UD’s Revolution lipsticks before, so I’ll cut to the chase and say it. After trying Rouge Dior in 813, I needed another vampy shade in my collection, and hoping UD’s Shame would be a cheaper, yet high end alternative shade, I accidentally pressed “buy” over at beautybay.com.

They are nothing alike. 813’s browner and less opaque, whereas Shame has got more blue to it. That being said, both are fantastic burgundy shades, perfect for fall – it’s merely a question of how vampy dare you go?Urban Decay Shame

By the way, These pics were taken without blitz and no editing on my part. To be honest, I actually don’t know what my camera did with these pics, but I quite like the effect, so if anyone knows how to acquire it on purpose, please let me know!

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  1. The colour looks beautiful on you, I really adore these!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thank you 🙂
      And the brilliant thing is, you can get two of these, and a cuppa coffee at the price of a Rouge Dior, so really, you’re saving money 😉

  2. missvanilly says:

    I love this colour it’s really beautiful on you! Will have to give it a shot x

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thank you. You should. I’ll be as bold as to recommmend you try Catfight as well. I think it might look good on you;)

      1. missvanilly says:

        i will i cant wait to give it a go!!

  3. KittNoir says:

    Love your specs!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks. I’d been trying “inexpensive” ones in Specsavers for 1,5 hours, when I went to another store just to have a peek. I tried on the Marc Jacobs’ and knew I had to have them. These days I rarely wear contacts and when I do, it’s like something’s missing :p

      1. KittNoir says:

        I’m exactly the same! Feel exposed without my specs these days 😉

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