Two Extravagant Goodies From Guerlain

GuerlainI’ve been busy reading what everybody else’s been up to, as well as celebrating my BF’s mother’s birthday and attending courses after work – through work. And then I caught a nasty cold, and anyone’s ever been photographed knows it’s no fun having your picture taken when all you want to do is drink lemsip ’till you drowse off – let alone snap selfies.

Anyways, welcome to my pity-party where I show off some of the new stuff that’s arrived to brighten my mood inbetween my sniffles and snuffles.

To start out, I might mention Gloss d’Enfer in 863 from the Violette de Madame collection – you might remember the Madame Rougit blush from the same collection? By the way, I take back everything I said about that pink little brush, because after giving it a proper wash it turned out to be one of the best ways to apply said product. Also, having used it for a while longer, I’m wondering if it might be an intuitive blush, because one minute I’ve got hardly anything on, and the next it really pops. Anyone else had that experience?

Also, my very first Shine Automatique in #761 – a super wearable berry shade that had me grinning from ear to ear to see. It glides on super smooth and feels like a balm. It really deserves it’s own post, though, so I’ll get back to that one later, and skip to the next star of my goodie bag.Two Extravagant

When I wrote my little review of Madame Rougit I was wearing an eyeshadow duo that I’d applied at work, and have had my eye on ever since. Now, though, you’re likely to see a lot more of Two Extravagant, because I am currently the owner of my very own Écrin 2 Couleurs in the very same shade.

One of the courses I attended was held by Guerlain, and we got a crash-course on how you might apply the Écrin 2 Couleurs. One way being the way I was wearing it, perfect, chocolatey, satin brown shade smudged all over he lid with an overlay of green glitters on top, just exchange the colours for whichever palete you might have been lucky enough to get your hands on.

Wearing the brown shade as a liner.
Wearing the brown shade as a liner.

Another, Hepburnesque way of wearing it would be using the satin or matte shade as a liner, and go by your business like the fabulous, chic creature that you are. Or up the ante by adding a bit of glitz and glam, and either pat on some of those colourful glitters or smudge them on, blending the liner shade for a softer feel.

In other words, in spite of the somewhat scary combo of shades, there’s some real versatility here, wheteher you’re a novice or a maven. Aaaand given the upcoming season – Christmas is only two and a half months away – a great idea for a gift to someone who deserves an extra special treat.

With the glitter shade on top. The green doesn't show up well in pictures.
With the glitter shade on top. The green doesn’t show up well in pic.

The quality of the shades is creamy and smooth, and there’s hardly any fallout. If you’re wondering how this compare to Urban Decay’s eyeshadows, it feels less buttery yet somehow finer milled. The glitter shade remminds me a bit of UD’s Moondusts after application, however, the feel is more remniscent of a mousse, whereas I find the Moondusts reminds me of water. Strange, I know, as both products are dry. That being said, with certain exeptions, I find the Moondusts to be more colour saturated, whereas the Guerlain shades are mostly glitter overlay.

Also wearing Gloss d'Enfer 863 from the Violette de Madame collection
Also wearing Gloss d’Enfer 863 from the Violette de Madame collection.

Finally, the spongetipped applicator accompanying the duos. Usually I’d say spongetipped applicators are a waste of space. Not these, though. One end is pointed, the other is round, and they’re perfect for applying the liner shade as well as picking up the glitter shades and applying ’em to the lid with minimal fallout – and that’s hardly anything. At all.

Some more stuff’s made it into my mailbox, among them, The Core Collection from RealTechniques and UD’s lippie Shame, so I’ve got meself a lil’ something something to play with ’till I’m better. Will let you know how they work out for me.

Disclosure: Some of the products mentioned in this post were part of a goodiebag given me as a participant at a course attended through work.


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