Rouge Dior No. 999

Dior red 999So, you must’ve seen the promoshots of of Natalie Portman wearing a red lippie and a hypnotizing stare. The lippie’s really a quite gorgeous, classic blue-toned red, and you just know you’ll be rocking this shade for day and night, yes?

I’ve been lucky enough to recieve aforementioned re-formulated Rouge Dior no. 999, and yes, it’s gorgeous in real life as well. Whether Natalie’s actually wearing this shade, “The Dior Red” for the promos, I can’t say, because in real life, no. 999 leans a lot more orange. A lot more orange than I’d expect from my “classic red” lipstick. That being said, it feels moisturizing and smooth on lips – something, something, hyaluronc acid, something -, and that’s where it should be swatched to get a proper feel for the product as this is not the creamy formula of UDs Revolution lipstick. It’s actually got a lot more slip, and delivers a slightly translucent colour, reminiscent of the Addict Extremes – with less of a glossy finish. Rouge Dior no. 999

Staying power’s a, for me satisfactory, 3-4 hours, and then I reapply because I like to whip out my lipstick and put it on, and not necessarily because I need to.

There are some lovely shades to choose from, quite a few everyday-appropriate shades. I also quite like no. 813, 5th avanue, which is a dark red, but due to the formula, I suppose, it’s not as scary applied as it looks in the tube, so if you’re anywhere near a Dior counter, give it a go, if only to have tried it.

And do have fun. A lot of people take makeup too seriously.


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