I dare you to be bright-eyed – and bold!


Another busy day in the life of Ms. Scribbles – that’s me – and another wee post on the go. I’ve been lamenting the lack of love I’ve been showing some of my palettes lately, and I’m planning on amending that. So, taking inspiration from the lovely Urban Decay s.a. who did my makeup in my first visit to Dublin, I’ve been playing with my 15th anniversary palette today, adding a bit of Walk of Shame and Tease, as well as a silver and a blue liquid liner, UD and YSL respectively, and did summat similar to what I wore on that first happy day of shopping and sightseeing.


Gawd, I miss Dublin!
Anyways, if anyone’d like a tutorial for this look, let me know in comments. And be bold today!

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  1. You look great – I am in a bit of a rut makeup wise so I might experiment a little over the weekend!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks:) Do post if you do!
      I got so many compliments from customers, while wearing this look, but even in the job I’ve got now at a cosmetics store, it’s hard to put down the neutrals and wear something colourful other than a bright lippie.
      Have to practice that, though, if I am to justify getting the Vice2 when it’s released to the UK market and thus lookfantastic or beautybay. I visited Debenhams several times last year, nagging the patient s.a.’s for the release of the Smoked palette, but haven’t really used it to it’s full potential, and it’s only now I’m discovering my love for the Perversion eyeliner. At the end of each day – and the beginning – I tend to wonder “What to wear?” and only rarely do I refer to clothing.

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