Smoked at the busstop


I just couldn’t figure out what to wear for work today, although after picking Dior’s Constellation palette from my stash I decided I wanted something even more neutral. So I whipped out my brushes and set to, opting instead for Urban Decay’s Smoked palette and the red carpet look from the accompanying book. For softness I added UDs 24/7 in Mushroom, because I find Perversion to be a bit oot for wearing this look during the day. I’m also wearing Dior’s BB cream in 02, which I’m currently acquainting meself with, along with my usual ambient powder, mascara, concealer and a blush from Dior’s new line-up, although I can’t remember which, and as I’m writing this post on me way to work, I can’t check. The lives we women live these days…


Oh, and someone remind me, please, to put up a post this weekend on the new Dior lippies. They’re just lovely!

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