Puppy’s First Hike

Alaskan huskyI was really not feeling to good last night, and wasn’t in any better shape this morning – probably a nasty flu – so I stayed at home, keeping Teyla company on the sofa, watching Buffy the Vampire-Slayer on Netflix. Now, I know it’s not exactly an appropriate show for children, but she’s been asleep pretty much since morning, exhausted from the weekend. SAMSUNG CSC

A friend of mine and her family’s got a weekend house ’bout an hour from the city, so Saturday night we hit the road, leaving Døgnvill – a music festival – behnd in favour of no internet, no network and plenty of laughs. Even then the flu was sneaking up on me, so it became an early night on my part.


The next day we went for a hike, the rest going all the way to the top, meself not feeling too good, and Teyla not old enough yet, the BF and me stopped at an appropriate spot below midway. I’d liked to hav accompanied them, though, but we’ll get there next year.

Alaskan husky on th beach Even our short trip left her exhausted to the point where I insisted on having her in bed with us, and like I said, she’s been sleeping all of today.Alaskan

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