On Motherhood And a Completely Irrelevant Tip That Actually Worked.


The beautiful Emma of Fluff and Fripperies has gotten her hands on some more of those lipsicks I was yapping ’bout yesterday. That post was actually done on me way to work, so I had a bit of trouble uploading the picture into the post. Worked out fine, though, didn’t it?

So It’s been almost four weeks since my dad, a teacher, farmer and a generally patient animal-loving man, with shock and disbelief in his voice asked us “You’re not getting that dog!?! Have you thought this through?” “Yup!” See, our little baby girl is an Alaskan Husky, and huskys are well known for their fondness of sheep – i.e. chasing and maybe even tasting ’em – their short-term memory – they are quick to forget – and their need for long walks – preferably seven hours a day. Right?

If you don't let children handle knives they'll never learn to respect the blade, nor how not to avoid cuts.
If you don’t let children handle knives they’ll never learn how to handle ’em.

A friend of ours has huskies, and I’ve had the pleasure of babysitting her once in a while. This meant long days of doing nothing while I was at work and then short walks – anything from 15 minutes to 3 hours. And she was just fine with that. There’d be nights when I came home that after the initial trip outside the door to do what had to be done before I did anything else, when she’d look at me from her preferred spot under the table with a meaningful look – “Mhm… You might think we’ll be going for a walk, but I know you’ll fall asleep on that couch there, so I’ll just get comfy here.” And I’ve been having several talks with our friend regarding huskies and their bad rep – which I too used to believe until I met his dog.

Thing about huskies is they’re highly adaptable. Sure, they’ll enjoy a good run once or twice a week, but you don’t have to stay out for hours, because a lot of their exercise if you want to keep a family dog should be mental – especially when you’ve got a puppy as they’re not supposed to go for long walks – and we all know from shows like The Dog Whisperer and It’s Me Or The Dog – or what’s it’s name – that a tired dog is a happy dog. Now, she’s fairly tired most of the time, especially after a few hours of socializing. Even now, in the late hours of morning she’s sleeping on the couch next to me after a visit to auntie’s accompanied by her godfather.

Yes, we’ve named a godfather, and some aunties for her from our circle of friends. After all, and some of you’s may not want to hear this – because it’s something non-dog lovers and parents rarely want to hear, a puppy is in many ways like a human child to a certain stage. They’ll cry when you leave them alone, they’ll need mental stimulation, they’ll test your boundaries, and test you again, they’ll make a mess, and they’ll fall asleep while you’re holding them because they’re tired and you’re warm and safe and you don’t want to make a sound because it might wake them up and they’re just sooooo cute sleeping there.

Alaskan huskyNow, my wee lass here is highly intelligent – a trait I thought was common amongst this “breed” after having had several talks with my friends dog – but apparently I was wrong, and it’s more important to get a dog that’s not too bright in the lead as that dog won’t think “Why are you telling me to go right? I want to go left, so I’m pulling left – NOW!” That being said, given her wit and social skills it’s incredible that she we’re still left when we decided we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by. So we’re techng her bit by bit the basics, and she forgets or pretends to forget what your yapping means.

Actually that gets a bit annoying at times, because you both know she’s just pretending not to understand what you’re saying.

There’ll probably be more news on the puppy-front, but in the spirit of my new role as a mother and my old one as an undomestic godess here’s a tip from google that actually works. See, two of my fave garments are two woollen and cotton blend cardis from Moods of Norway that I go on sale. Unfortunately they had an encounter with the washer that didn’t go too well – they shrunk! There was sure to be a way to mend the damage, though, so I googled it – leading me to the suggestion that I might try soaking my cardis in water mixed with hair conditioner. I’m not going to go into deets on how this works, but it does, the result feeling softer than ever. So if you’ve had mishaps with your wool, try conditioner before giving it away to your baby sister/ skinnier, smaller friend.

Off to work in a bit, just as soon as I’ve promised the baby I’ll be back and put on my lippie.

Enjoy your day!


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