I’m Alive, And Madame Rougit Emphasises Just That


Being a mother and working full-time means less time spent photographing pretties like the new Dior collection which is almost sold out where I’m working – small wonder as the shades are super-versatile in adittion to absolutely gorgeous, the muted khaki shades of Chanels Les 4 Ombres palette in Mystére or the combination of brights and neutrals presented by YSL. 

I have, however – and very much thanks to a friend ho gave me a gift card for my birthday – been able to get my hands on Guerlains limited edition blush Madame Rougit. This is a rather expensive piece, however considering the versatility of the product I daresay the investment is justifiable. I haven’t got any swatches for you, as I’ve thus far been applying it using the tester at work, and I’m not ready to disrupt the veil design and dots of pearly shimmery overspray of my own yet. Even in spite of my using it every other day as well as having been tested by several others, the veil imprint and the Guerlain logo is still visible. 

Madame Rougit FlashMadame Rougit was a product I originally didn’t want. Thus far I’ve been more into bronzers than rouges, as they were called in my childhood days, and I occasionally call them still. But in recent months I’ve truly learned to appreciate the perk-me-up benefits of a light flush, and given the stripes of fresh pink and muted coral or orange presented in a sleek black packaging, this little Madame can go anywhere. I’ve read other bloggers having trouble swatching Madame Rougit’s stripes individually, while they’ve gotten good colour pay-off upon using a brush, so if your considering getting this, do ask to borrow a brush and try it on. 

Just about to walk the dog, wearing Two Extravagant on lids, unfortunately the green glimmers doesn't show up well in photos, and Madame Rougit 4 hours in and going strong.
Just about to walk the dog, wearing Two Extravagant on lids, unfortunately the green glimmers doesn’t show up well in photos, and Madame Rougit 4 hours in and going strong.

The colours can be adjusted any way you like to match you other makeup. Whether you’re wearing yellow-toned or blue-toned lipstick for once won’t be a problem with Madame Rougit in your stash. Furthermore it’s buildable, so you can even use it for a discrete flush to go along with your smokey eye. Yes – I do wear blush with my smokey eye. In my experience it’s better with a healthy glow and subtly defined cheekbones than the flat, lifeless results not wearing a hint of blush might ensue. 

Word of advice, though. Use a light hand, because the product seems to oxidize somewhat and deepen over time. That being said, it wears well, so it’s no biggie that the wee pink brush hidden in a compartment underneath the blush itself is pretty much useless. I like a big fluffy angled brush with my blusher, thank you very much. 

All in all Madame Rougit is a luxury product, from the smooth velvet pouch enveloping the compact to the shiny black case and the smooth, matte-never-chalky product nested inside. At the price, though, I would’ve expected something more of the brush, but I suppose you can’t have it all all the time. 

And speaking of having it all, here’s some puppy love from her first night with her adoptive parents. 

Teyla and me
I was probably wearing a light dusting of Madame Rougit that night as well.


Happy weekend, lovelies.


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  1. Oh gosh those look soooooo beautiful!!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Yup. I am so taken by the colours I forgot to give a proper description :p

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