I’ve Been Tagged For A Liebster Award – Twice! And Other News.


Hello m’dears.

I’m sorry for the lack of updates of late, but I’ve had some rather busy weeks. First I’ve been working a lot, and then I went to y grandmother’s on vacation, and that’s when me and the BF decided to move in together and have a baby. Less then a week later we’ve begun the move – I currently have no idea where the adaptor for my computer is – while taking care of and raising our little baby girl, Teyla.

She’s an Alaskan Husky, three months old, and probably the sweetest little girl in the world. 

So, like I said, things’ve been busy, and while my head’s been elsewhere, Ms. Chay of According to Ms. Chay and Sneha of beautylashes19 were both so kind as to tag me for the Liebster awards – Liebster from the German word for favourite. This is a way of introducing others to blogs you like that’s got less than 200 followers, and you feel are deserving of more, so thanks so much, girls. I’m honoured, and quite moved by the gesture.

Now, as you’re tagged you have to link back to the blogger that tagged you, nominate ten others and answer the questions of the one(s) who tagged you. Oh, and you get to ask ten questions of the bloggers you nominate. The fifth rule of the Liebster Award is to notify your nominees of the tag.

Ms. Chay’s questions in italic:

1.  Whatever skin type you have, what’s your Go-To liquid foundation? Drugstore AND high end

Well, me, I’ve only got one liquid foundation and that’s Urban Decay’s Naked. The drugstore brands available to me doesn’t work well with my skin, and I’m quite fond of trying mineral foundations and CC Creams. Currently loving Clinique’s, and considering Clarin’s mineral foundation.

2.  Lipstick…matte or glossy?

Or??? Both!

3.  What do you use to contour?

Sometimes I’ll use a bronzer or a darker blush shade, but my go-tos are Urban Decay’s Naked2 and Tease eyeshadows.

4.  What are the TOP 3 things you must keep in your makeup bag?

Mascara, Clarins Instant Light Brush-on Perfector and UD’s Naked Basics e/s palette.

5.  Primer…what’s your fave?

Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Eden!

6.  Bright eye & nude lip OR nude eye & popping lip?

Yes and yes!

7.  What took you the longest to learn makeup wise? Winged eye liner? Lip liner? Eyebrows?

It took quite some time before I learned to appreciate the importance of wearing blush. It really does make you look more alive and awake.

8.  What are your favorite products to use for a smokey eye?

UDPP in Eden, a matte highlighter, Urban Decay’s Half Baked and Gunmetal eyeshadows and black liner.

9.  What’s your favorite matte lip color?

Guerlain Rouge G L’extrait in Orgueil.

10.  If you could create a new color for any makeup line, describe what that color would look like.

I’d like a triochrome green-based eyeshadow that flashed gold and purple, depending on the light, the way Chanel’s Azure nail polish is teal with a green and gold shift.

Now for Sneha’s questions:

1. What is your style of makeup?

I actually haven’t got any particular style. If I’d like to rock a bright pink eyeshadow one day, I’ll go with that. If I’m fancying a dark berry lip, then that’s what I’ll do. I more often match my clothes to my makeup, than the other way around.

2. What is your favorite makeup product?

Eyeshadow! I’ve lost count!

3. How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

I try to have my brushes desinfected at least once a week, and I’ll wash them when I’m out of clean brushes. Shame on me, I know.

4. What is your favorite skin care product?

Any moisturiser that works for my skin.

5. Why did you start blogging?

I needed a reason to take pictures in order to take the time to learn how my camera works. Also, I needed an outlet for some of the stuff floating around in my mind.

6. What is your favorite season? and Why?

Late summer, when the fall collections start to arrive – And I LOVE the pretties currently gracing the Dior stand!

7. What inspires you (makeup related)?

Other bloggers, celebrities, movies, Elfquest… My makeup stash, the collections released… Sometimes I’ll see a person and imagine a look for them, sometimes I’ll see a product and imagine how I’d use it.

8. What is your profession?

Student, but I’ve been working in a kindergarten, in a clothing store, in a café… Currently I’m taking some time off from my studies of pedagogy, working in a perfumery instead, while preparing for field work and then writing my master’s thesis.

9. Amongst Bollywood/Hollywood actresses, whose makeup do you admire the most?

Have you ever seen a photo of Diane Krüger not looking perfectly made up?

10. What do you love about makeup?

The possibilities it implies. You can create the most horrid gashes as well as elfin features, enhance your favourite traits while reducing the appearance of what you consider to be flaws.

As for me own handfuls of recs, and I’m sorry if not all are in line with the rule of having less than 200 followers, because I didn’t find anywhere on their blogs giving a number, they are











Some of yous been nominated before, some of yous have very little interest in makeup… But I can’t find the rule where an interest in makeup or not having ben nominated before is a requirement so here’s my ten questions for you.

1. What do you do for a living?

2. Why do you blog?

3. What’s your preferred pastime (other than blogging)?

4. What are three items of clothing you’d never wear?

5. What are three cosmetic products you’d never wear?

6. What’s your favourite Disney movie?

7. If you were to compose your own signature scent, what would the top, middle and bottom notes consist of?

8. You’re redecorating and painting your livingroom and bedroom. What are the before and after colours?

9. What is the one place on earth you’d like to visit, more than any other?

10. What does beauty mean to you?

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  1. Thanks for the nomination! Awwww that puppy is the cutest ❤

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