Not all statements need be big – A necklace from ReRa’s Workshop.

Ireland pendantThe trend that is statement necklaces – huge, blingy, weighty, causing your neckmuscles to knot kind of necklaces – seems to be going strong still, but I’ve discovered something precious. It’s called quality. So rather than shopping for said ginormous collars, I prefer the smaller, simpler things. Besides, where does it say you have to shout to make a statement?

Now, me, I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I love Ireland and I’d happily live there for a time. So when a friend set up her own little goldsmith’s workshop I didn’t tarry long before I placed a special order with her. Now, I appreciate that I have very little knowledge regarding the processes involved in making a necklace, whereas my friend do, so other than wanting the piece to be shaped like Ireland with a heart in Dublin… Well, I pretty much left it all up to her, trusting that she knew my tastes as well as trusting hers, and I don’t know how to describe just how pleased I am with the results.

I got it yesterday, and by now even the BF has had the time to appreciate just how lovely and demanding this piece of workmanship is. He even commented specifically upon the heart, and how hard it must’ve been to get that little detail just right. And he’s also had time to roll his eyes repeatedly at me as I’ve been gushing over it since. I just can’t stop admiring it. The details of the coastline, and how she’s rounded any potentially edges just enough that it’s rugged but not sharp. And the matte finish completes the piece perfectly.

Go check out Renate’s Facebook page to see photos of her wee workshop and some of her work. And maybe get a handmade one-of-a-kind quality piece for yourself?

Well, I’m off! Buns are out of the oven, now I need some coffee to go with ’em.


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    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks so much 🙂

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