Some Suggestions For My Blue-Eyed Friend.


Some time ago I decided a friend of mine needed more makeup. This coincided with my realization that some of my palettes weren’t getting enough love, so I sent her my Urban Decay Mariposa palette.

The very same friend will be wearing a gorgeous, dark blue dress to a wedding, and she asked me for some suggestions regarding makeup. These are a few of my ideas based on some of the stuff she’s got – all eyeshadows are Urban Decay. They all start with a clean face, although I have merely taken off my eyemakeup, as it’s well past 11 in the evening here. Also, clean brushes are a must, so Sweetie, today’s a good day to get ’em cleaned so they’ll be ready for Saturday.

clean w/baseAs usual, start off with an eyeshadow primer and apply Walk Of Shame from crease to brow, and a shimmery light cream, like Virgin on inner 1/3 of the moving lid. Pat Gunmetal or another shimmery grey on the outer 1/3, pulling it slightly up towards the crease, and pat on a shimmery blue or teal on the middle of the lid, blending into the other two. Haight from Mariposa is a good shade for this purpose, as I want the blue in your eyes to pop. Use the same shade along your lower lashline. Blend tease in the crease.step6

If you like you can move on to lining your eyes, but my suggestion is that you layer on some more Haight, for a more intense teal. smudge black liner along your lower lashline, and blend, using the teenisest amount of Haight. Line your upper lashine with a black pencil or liquid liner, apply Virgin to the inner corner of eyes.

step 7Highlight underneath the brows using Walk of Shame.  Apply waterproof mascara, and fill in brows. Now that’s all done, apply foundation or tinted moisturizer, a wee bit of blush and UD Lip Junkie in Naked2.



For my second suggestion:

simples1-4UD Primer Potion with Walk of Shame from crease to brow and along the lower lashline, and Virgin on the moving lid and inner corner of the eye. Line your upper lashline using 24/7 pencil liner in zero, or other black pencil liner, adding a little flick at the outer end. The line doesn’t have to be perfect, but getting the flick right now will be of assistance later.

simples5Use a flat brush to apply Mushroom or Gunmetal, starting at the flick, pulling it in towards the inner corner of the eye, so that it’s darker at the outer corner, graduating towards the light shimmer at the inner corner. repeat until satisfied with saturation of colour.

simples finishedApply a waterproof liquid liner along the upper lashline, on top of the “sketch” you made earlier wth the pencil liner. Apply mascara, and remember only one coat on the lower lashes. And make sure it’s waterproof!

simples finished2

Fill in brows, apply foundation, blush… The works.

And remember to have fun!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow is that you? You’re gorgeous, and the eye makeup looks lovely.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Indeed. So nice of you to say that 🙂 Thanks. Now I’ll just wait for my friend to report on whether she went with a look and how it worked out.

  2. Very pretty eye look, love it!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thank you. My friend promised to give it a try, though I’m not sure which look she’ll have a go at. I hope to see pics, though 🙂

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