Today has been okay.

Well, to be fair, it’s been better than okay. My post on the collab with Ally was already scheduled, so instead of spending my morning writing, I had a cuppa coffee and a proper breakfast while reading up on some of my fave blogs. Now, I’ve been eyeing the upcoming fall collection from Guerlain, I mean, new e/s and Rouge G, who wouldn’t be excited? But I’ve also been waiting to see what another fave brand had up their sleeves. Bloggers Christine of Temptalia and Karen of Makeup And Beauty Blog had the intel on the new release. Me, I had a makeupgasm, so head on over there!

Edit II: Ih, and I just found out that the lovely Keiko Lynn‘s showing off some of her faves. Must. Have. Lippies!

And might I add, I’m very intrigued by the new powders and how they might compare to other wonderpowders such as Chanel’s Les Beiges and Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powders. My poor card will be in dire need of rehab come fall (so if anyone’s considering a b-day pressie, giftcards for Beautybay, Lookfantastic and both my workplaces would be highly appreciated).

In other news, Ally’s post is up, so might I recommend you check out her interpretation of the 40s look. Also, check out her previous posts in the series, and do keep an eye out for the rest in the future.

Edit: And for those of you out there who, like me won’t be able to get the new UD lippies for some time, have a look at the other beautiful things that are out there. Like Christina’s Etsy store Sihaya Designs. She’s offering a 15% discount these days, so head on over to her blog to learn more on how to get a discount. It indludes sending her a photo of yourself wearing a piece of jewelry of her making, but even if you haven’t got one, it’s worth having a look-see ’round her blog.

Aaaand a friend of mine’s got her facebook site online. I’ve ordered a piece of Ireland for meself. She’s very dedicated to her work, not to mention talented. Have a look, like and share.

And soon there’ll be buns in the oven. No, literally. Buns.

All in all, I’ve actually had quite a happy Monday. Hope you dearies, hearties and sweetes out there do too.

And have a lovely week. Remember, Wednesday is only a few days off, and once we get past Tuseday it’s almost the weekend anyways.

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