A little collaboration with Ally – going back to the 40s

Might I recommend checking out Ally’s blog. She’s doing this lovely series on makeup through the 1900s, and guess what? I’m featured.

I decided to combine my 40s makeup-look with my going to a party with friends, so I pulled on a red dress suitable for the dacade in question, and set to it. That’s why, there are no product pictures in this one, but  for the eyes I’ve mainly used The Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay, and supplemented with UD’s Tease.

Now, the 20s were pretty much about smokey eyes and doll-lips in berry shades and thin, drawn-on eyebrows, and the bob. The 30s saw less drama and longer hair, and a more natural colouring for the eyes. Brows are still two penciled lines, but this changed come the 40s. Brows were still groomed, but somewhat more natural. Lipstick plays a huge role, as women, taking the trousers as well as the menfolk’s “place” in industry, operating machinery and the likes either cut their hair short or wore it (rolled) up during the day, and thus refused to give up the femininity represented by the red lipstick. Thus, while there were a lot of things that were being rationed, lipsticks still remained a priority.

If you’re doing an assignment for school on this, though, you better google on, as blogs aren’t the most reliable source, and this is from what I’ve gathered while doing research for my look.

40s look 1Lids were often neutral, but you might see colour as well, especially post-war, but lashes were emphasized. And where manicures are concerned, they matched your outfit, whether yellow or green. Cheeks were mainly rosy, and gone was the fair porcelain complexion of days gone by. A healthy glow, often achieved by wearing a darker foundation than natural skintone and powder was popular. Women were out and about, working. What’d you expect? Berry lips were pretty much out of fashion, and preferred colours were bright, vivid reds.

So here’s what I did:

You’re probably familiar, by now, with my regular starting point; UDPP in Eden, and a matte shade as a base. This time I’ve taken a mix of Foxy and Walk Of Shame all over the lid, from lashline to crease. I’ve also applied a bit underneath the eyes. Next, using a fluffy angled eyeshadow brush, I applied Naked2 to the crease. 40s look 2

If you’re satisfied you might as well skip the next step, but me, I wanted a bit more definition while retaining a somewhat natural shadow, so using a smaller brush I applied Tease in the crease.

40s look 3Blend, blend, blend… the shades should flow seamlessly into one another, so blend some more.

I want to wear falsies, as lashes were a big thing, so I’ve applied a black eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero, to my upper waterline and along the lashline, smudging slightly into the lashes, so as to fill in any gaps between my lashes and the falsies. I do love Ardell Sweeties, and they were perfect for this look, so on they go, along with a thin line of wet liner, Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liquid liner.

40s look 4For the faced I used Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation, as well as my Clarins Minute Eclat Brush-on Perfector under the eyes, with Hourglass Ambient Lighting in Diffused Light to set. Next, using an angled blush-brush, I applied a light dusting of Naked2 in the hollows of my cheeks, or to be precise, underneath my cheekbones in order to create the illusion of “hollows”. I also applied a light dusting to my jaw. Blend and then blend some more, unless you want to look as though you’ve rubbed mud in your face. I applied The Balm’s Downboy layered with a light dusting of Hot Mama to the apples of my cheeks until I was satisfied with the intensity and glow. Downboy’s very bubblegum pink whereas Hot Mama is more of a coral red with a golden sheen, so for authenticity’s sake I only used the teensiest bit of the latter.

Forget about reds leaning brown or plummy shades. If you’re trying for 40’s style, you’ll be wanting bright!. For this look I pulled out a long-forgotten fave, namely Makeup Store’s lipstick in Poppy, layered over Makeup Stores lipliner in Burlesque. Unfirtunately, I didn’t notice ’till afterwards just how orange it shows in the pictures, which is mainly due to the yellow bathroom lighting.

You’re almost done. All you have to do is find an equally fashionable friend end smile to the camera.

40s look 5

Thanks soooo much,  Ally, for letting me take part in your Beauty Through The Decades Series.

Hope all of yous liked this.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Your look came out great! Thank you for being apart of the series!
    I absolutely loved your hair also by the way.

  2. I love your look 🙂 I saw this collaboration on Ally’s blog (I am going to be doing the 70s) and I thought I would come see your blog. I am so glad I did!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Glad to hear it. It was great craic doing the collab. Such a fun idea, I’m very glad I got in on it. Will be looking forward to seeing your look:)

      1. Sounds good! I’m really excited to do it also 🙂

  3. sirilovise says:

    Thanks so much! I had quite a struggle getting the victory rolls right. So much so that when my BF decided to take pictures, I literally started stomping my feet because of the heat, the small, confined space and his poor timing:p

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