A Not-So-Foxy Easy Baked Tease With A Sweet Cherry On Top.


Ok, I couldn’t help myself, writing the names of the main “characters” for this easy peasy look out as a proper, albeit strange, sentence. Back in the days when The Corrs Online was a properly functioning fansite, rather than just a messageboard, you could find an exstensive archive of chords and lyrics, listing all their songs in alphabetical order. And I used to know the names of all of them, leading to the mental exercise of creating stories and sentences using the song titles while walking. The kind of thing that makes a long and winding road seem a little shorter.

Like for instance: I would Love To Love You, but this isn’t The Right Time to Runaway because of Dreams. And even though I found you Irresistible, because you simply leave me Breathless, you’re just No Good For Me, and I’ve been Hurt Before. And while there’s Somebody For Someone, I just won’t be At Your Side. Your On Your Own in this one, so Leave Me Alone, beause come to think of it, I Never Loved You Anyway.

I’m a bit out of pratice, but you catch my drift.

Why are you looking so puzzled? Yes, I’m a Corrsfan still, I have all their albums, and I’m proud of it. You haven’t heard of them? Not a suprise, really. They were quite popular in the late nineties releasing songs like Runaway, So Young and a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. They also collaborated on the soundtrack for one of my fave movies The Quest For Camelot. And Breathless will always be a song I relate to summer, along with Summer Sunshine, of course. And they’re friends with Bono of U2. Have a listen.

I think Andrea, while not apparent at this concert, might have had something to do with my love for a proper smokey eye. But as usual, I digress. After all, this was supposed to be a tutorial, using some UD eyeshadows and Bourjois cream blush in Sweet Cherry, so here goes.

Urban Decay, Foxy, Easy BakedBy now you’re probably tired of hearing this but: Clean, moisturized face, UDPP in Eden, and for this one, Naked Skin BB, as I’ve been feeling a bit drawn lately for no reason. Anyways, not gving you any pic for this step, so skip along to applying Foxy from crease to eyebrow, and Easy Baked on the moving lid as well as along the lower lashline. I like using brushes, but for ths shade, I found I got a better colour pay-off using my ringfingers.

I don’t remember if I’ve already told you, but back when I was a child – I’ve always loved to play with makeup – I liked to read my grandmother’s weekly magazines, or rather, I liked to read the pages on fashion and beauty. I still remember how they first recommended using sponge tip applicators, whereas eye brushes were for brushing away fall-out and excess eyeshadow. Then the trend moved on to using your ringfinger, as this is normally the weakest finger of the hand, still reserving brushes for dusting away excess. And then the next best thing for your eyeshadow applications turned out to be brushes, and to theis day it’s all about having quality brushes, although I do see the occasional recurence of fingertips. And If you’ve seen UD’s video for their new Moondust shadows, or if you’ve tried them, you’ve probably found that fingers will be your best bet with those. More on that later, though.

Urban Decay Foxy, Easy Baked, TeaseGetting back on track with this tutorial the next shade is Tease, and while both Foxy and Tease is part of the Naked2 palette, I just love to Tease – ok, that’s old – I love Tease so much that I had to have it as a single shade that I could leave on it’s own or pop into my UD six-pan Build Your Own Palette. I digress once more. Apply Tease to the crease and blend until your arm almost comes off. Have a breather, and blend some more. Also, you might add some to the outer 1/3 of your lower lashline in order to get a bit of subtle definition.

If you’ve got a darker skintone than mine, Easy Baked might work well as a highlighter, and you could just add that to the inner corners of your eyes. Me, I like something lighter, so I’m going with Bootycall from the Naked2 palette, although any light, shimmery shade will do the trick, as the purpose of this step is simply to draw the light to you eyes and make them pop. If you like, you can also dab some on the middle of your lid.

UD 24/7 Waterproof SmogAs I wanted to keep this fairly neutral, and naturally glowy, with only a hint of makeup, I chose UD 24/7 Waterproof Eyeliner in Smog, in favour of the traditional black. The tube is a shimmery khaki green, matching the product swatch. Applied to the eye, though, I find it’s more of a bronze-green. But any ol’ liner will do, depending on the effect you’re after. A few coatings of mascara, my current fave and HG being Guerlain’s Maxi Lash, a bit of Clarins Minute Eclat Brush-on Perfector under the eyes with a dusting of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused to set before moving on to filling in brows with Tease eyeshadow.

I’ve dusted Diffused Light all over my t-zone. I like how it’s glowy and mattifying at th same time, without being shimmery. Using my fingertips I’ve applied Bourjois Cream Blush in Sweet Cherry on the apples of my cheeks. It’s really a lovely, fresh, dusty pink, that’s just perfect for the apples of the cheeks. It goes on smooth, and blends perfectly, unlike several others that tend to get a bit patchy on one of my cheeks. You juuuust might get to see more of this little cherry.

Urban Decay, Dior, Guerlain, BourjoisI found Sweet Cherry to do a lot for me, it’s summer, and while I might leave it at that in winter I find that I need a bit of bronzer these days. My current go-to is Dior’s Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Coral Glow. I’ve applied a mix of both bronzer shades around the edges of my face and atop my cheekbones, and the lightes along the bridge of my nose as that’s a spot that the sun hit’s naturally so leaving that bare would only look strange. I’ve also taken a light dusting of the darkest bronzer shade underneath my cheekbones for a bit of contouring.

I know all of this might seem a lot, but once you’re actually doing it… well it’s the kind of look you’ll put together while on the bus to work. Just remember skin-tone matte underneath the brows, shimmer on lid, dark, matte in crease, line it if you like, and define cheeks and brows. A slick of gloss or Pawpaw and mascara, aaaaand… Done.

I find that this look works well with glasses, as it defines the eyes and the subtle shimmer adds a bit of glow, so your peepers don’t do like Houdini and vanishes behind your frames. Bourjois Sweet Cherry Cream Blush

Now, I’ve read quite a few blogs, and I find there are several ways to do tutorials. So I’m just curious as to what you dearies visiting mine prefer. Whether it’s a step-by-step guide with pictures, listing every product as you go along, like I’m currently doing? Would you like me to make a summary of products as well either before the guide or after?

Or would it be better if I put up a picture of the finished “product”, with instructions underneath? Or just a list of products used underneath?

Please comment.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    Naw this blog-post made me remember the good old days listening to the Corrs, mind i was never a hardcore fan, but some songs were on my top list.. 😉 had to have a listen now 😉

    As to how to do your tutorial I think it’s grand the way you’re already doing it 😉

    1. sirilovise says:

      Spotify’s grand for revisiting old favourites. They’ve even got the Live in Dublin album, featuring a couple of very famous guests, and that wasn’t an international release.

      Glad to hear it. Have you tried anything for yerself, yet?

  2. Anne says:

    Spotify’s the best, gonna check out that live album later 😉

    Well not really, but going to a wedding in a few weeks time so gonna try something then… 😉 wish me luck! 😛

    1. sirilovise says:

      Oooh! Fancy occasion. That calls for a dress and heels. What will you be wearing?

  3. Anne says:

    dark blue dress with some silver details and glittery silver pumps.. 😉 gonna send u a pic and ask for help on the make-up part 😉

  4. That title is too adorable haha and love the look!

    1. sirilovise says:

      I really should take up “sentencing” from titles on a regula basis. It really makes time go faster. Thanks, I do like me a good neutral look, and what’s so grand about this one is that the shimmery lid/defined crease is a lovely everyday, year-round basic that you can pair with most lipsticks or glosses. For instance, if I want to be easy-going in the morning I use a balm or gloss – or Pawpaw – but later in the day I might find I’d like to step it up a notch and throw on a pop of colour.

      1. Shimmery lids with defined creases are my go to everyday and night time look 🙂 and yeah the title was so creative…I might have to take some inspiration from that! Haha

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