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It’s been a while since last I actually did a post on makeup, so I’m kicking off the week with this little look, using some of my fave products. The dress you’re getting a peak of in the final pic, btw, is a 50s’ inspired lace thing I bought at KappAhl. I waited forever for it to arrive, and bought it first thing after I got back from London. Love it. Also, it’s the perfect companion to a discrete eyeliner flick, since there are 6 days left to add more drama and fun. This look practically made itself.

Eden, VenusAs you probably know by now, I always wear eyeshadow primer.  I don’t know how to wear eyeshadow without it anymore, my preferred primer being Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Eden. And so I’ve used that for a base, moving directly on to applying Venus, a pale shimmery beige, on the moving lid and Walk Of Shame, a matte, pale beige with a hint of peach, from crease to brows.Venus, Walk of Shame, Naked2

Both colours can be found in UD’s Naked Basics palette, along with Naked2, a lovely matte taupe that is excellent for mimicing shadows, and thus is applied to the crease and blended. Using a smaller brush, I’ve also applied Tease along the lower lashline.

Venus, Walk of Shame, Naked2, TeaseTo create more depth I’ve also applied Tease, yet another UD shade, to the outer V of the eyes. It’s darker than Naked2, with a slightly browner tinge. This is also a favourite of mine for filling in eyebrows, and sculpting cheeks, so while I’ve got this as part of the Naked2 palette, I’ve also bought it as a single shade. Venus, Walk of Shame, Naked2, Tease, Corrupt

For a softer look, I’ve gone with the dark brown shimmer eyeliner pencil Corrupt from UD’s 24/7 Glide-on Pencil Range. Everyone has their own way of applying liner. Me, I like to start in the middle of the eye, building outwards, thickening and smoothing the line in the last step, after I’ve gotten the flick where I want it.

I’ve used neither foundation nor BB cream for this look, but I did use a bit of my Clarins Minute Eclat Brush-on Perfector underneath the eyes, setting it with a dusting of Hourglass Ambient Lighting, that I’ve used all over. I’ve also used a light dusting of the bronzer in my Christian Dior Nude Tan Paradise Duo – seriously, try repeating that rapidly a few times – at the edges of my face, the bridge of my nose and underneath my cheekbones. Do me a favour and never, ever, ever apply bronzer generously all over your face. Ever. Just. Don’t.

I picked up the Bourjois’ new cream blushes while in London, and I have quickly found 03 Rose Tender to be a favourite, manly due to its ability of lending a buildable, believable flush to the face with a hint of shimmer.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Ballet, Bourjois 03 Rose Tender, Dress by KappAhlThe last things I did to this look was applying mascara, my current fave being Guerlain’s Maxi Lash, and a slick of Hourglass Femme Rouge in Ballet, a satin pink with blue undertones. I’ve heard people mentioning the square tip of this lipstick, and not with enthusiam. For me, though, I think it makes application easier compared to a rounded tip, but then, my cupid’s bow’s quite angular.

In other news I’m using toner again for the first time in maybe three years, along with a mild cleansing cream by Clarins. While I’m still stuck with a couple of pesky milia and some acne, I’m thinking there’s a slight improvement on my skin, although the most noticeable effect is how clean my skin feels afterwards, making me think my previous fave, Cetaphil just weren’t efficient enough. Also, working like this, cleanse twice, using a separate cleanser for eyemakeup, tone, moisture, feels a lot more ritualistic than my previous routine, also making it somewhat comforting in the evening.

Reading it, though, it does seem a bit much. Anyone else feel that about their makeup removal routine? Anyone satisfied using the big bad wolfie of cleansers that is wet wipes? Know of a great all-in one for face and eyes? Do tell!

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  1. Tora says:

    Does an eyeshadow primer make the eyeshadow stay on longer?:) I haven’t used any eyeshadow in years, mostly because I think it looks so bad after just a few hours.
    I swear to firstprice’s wet wipes for removing makeup. Of all the different wet wipes I’ve tried, it’s the one that’s nicest to my skin and does not leave it feeling greasy. And it removes all the makeup, including the masquara with minimal effort. It’s also really easy and cheap:)

  2. sirilovise says:

    Indeed it does, as well as makes application easier, as the stuff gives powder eyeshadow more to adhere to. Also, it allows for a more intense application. I know! I hated how eyeshadows would creas on me by lunchtime, and how it never applied true to pan. Art Deco’s got a good one, as do Smashbox, although, for my part, I do prefer Urban Decay’s in Sin or Eden. Check out “Making it last” (should be a link in the text for more on my opinion on e/s primers;)
    Do you also wash your face afterwards, or use several sheets? I know a lot of people to consider facial wet wipes a big no-no to skin care (except for pre-post-party-slumber) because a lot of people wind up moving the dirt around their faces rather than thoroughly cleansing it. But then, a lot of people use cleansers on on cotton pads or cotton pads to wipe off, but only do so once, and I’m thinking that’s bound to give pretty much the same effect, leaving residue of both makeup and remover, only with double the effort than simply pulling up a wipe.

  3. Tora says:

    It is actually rather strange how well the wet wipes work, they cost only 9kr after all, but they remove all make up completey. It doesn’t get moved around, it just disappears:) And I only use one wipe on it. And the skin dries up pretty quickly after use, it doesn’t feel like there’s any kind of residue left. I mean my skin doesn’t feel very slick and not dried out:) And it is soooo easy:D

    1. sirilovise says:

      Fair play to you 🙂

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