London Pt. 2 – Can’t Think of a Better Way to Kick Off the Day.

SAMSUNG CSCLike I said, we started one of our days by getting breakfast from a little place in Covent Garden called Champagne + Fromage. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the Champagne, but we each had a glass of bubbly to go with our platter of Corsican Cured Meat and cheeseSAMSUNG CSC

If there was one place we visited that could’ve added a service charge to the bill and would be right to do so, it’s this place. But they didn’t. As I was going to pay the girl didn’t even give me the option of dialing the total sum, that is the cost of our meal in addition to tips, as she handed me the card terminal. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

Anyways, nice, cozy place. Highly recommended if you’re in the area. And if you’re not, you should find your way over, because they serve the BEST. CHEESE. EVER.



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