Another Suitcase In Another Hall


I can’t bear to stay in one place for too long. If I’m in the city centre with friends and we stop for a bite, after 40 minutes my feet will be twitching, and given a couple of minutes more I’ll be signalling to my partner in crime that it’s time to move – These signals regularly takes the form my dragging said friend by the scruff of her neck while talking about some place else we have to get to.

Worse than this, though, is my need to not stay in a Scandinavian-speaking place for too long. I think it’s got to do with my stay in Nicaragua couple of years back, because ever since I’ve had a need for travel, and if I have to listen to Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or even Finnish, though I don’t understand a word of it – it’s got some of the same familiar “flow”, I’ll get cranky, grumpy, depressed…

In other words, preventive measures must be taken.


Now, as I’ve said before, whenever there’s an exam to be done, everything that’s not an exam becomes all the more important and pressing. Like having a look see at airplane tickets. Ah, what can I say? One thing led to another, and thanks to kind colleagues, me and the BF both got the time off for packing up our respective suitcases and go away for the weekend. After I’d handed in my exam, of course.

SAMSUNG CSCI limited my packing to a pair of flats that I didn’t use – I wore a pair of ECCOs all through the trip, two dresses and volleyballshorts to wear underneath in case of warm, windy days – Excellent for short dresses – , underwear, makeup… I suppose you can say I packed lightly for the going away part. As we were off to London I figured I’d be needing the extra space for Urban Decay, Salsa Jeans – If I could find ’em, which I did. Two pairs! – and other stuff that I might come across.

Anyways, we didn’t get to do everything, but we did meet up with some friends of mine, and had a word with The Magic Mirror.SAMSUNG CSC

Got what I needed from Urban Decay, including something i didn’t need, but had been planning on getting eventually. Got meself a pair of light blue Salsas as well as a black one.

SAMSUNG CSCHad the best breakfast ever in Champagne + Fromage, which I incidentally read about over at Extrapetite. Ran in to Boots to stock up on Lemsip and the four new Bourjois Cream Blushes. Fell in love with Joy – a rec from one of my Aussie friends, and the first time I’ve ever walked into a store, picked up a bunch of dresses, all in the same size, that I thought looked pretty, and fitting well into 2/3. The last ones being the right size, but the wrong fit.

 We had a run in with Jean-Luc Picard at Madam Tussaud’s just before I played guitar with Jimi and then I had to fight the Hulk for my bag.SAMSUNG CSC

The BF got a nice tattoo over at London Tattoo – which is why we didn’t get to do the Tower or go for a stroll in Hyde park, as he was in there for 5 hours. But then, it’s my fault as well, with my dragging him up and down Oxford Street, on to Covent Garden and so on. Of course, I could’ve gone by myself, but neither one of us, including the tattoo artist, Marie, thought they’d be working ’till well past closing.

SAMSUNG CSCSo instead I had tea in The Modern Pantry, another look at Covent Garden – such a lovely place – and eventually found myself in Harrods, marvelling at the sparkling, shiny, expensive perfumebottles. I had to have a sniff at Jicky, which I quite liked and Mitsouko, which I didn’t like quite as much.


All in all, an eventful couple of days, so it’s a small wonder that I’m now chugging darjeeling and nibbling fudge, hoping to get my head screwed on the right way before I’m off to work.

Oh, and while I didn’t bring my camera there, we visited the BF’s Uncle and Aunt in Oslo. The Uncle working at Arcus took us on a quick, exclusive tour of the distillery before driving us back to the airport. We didn’t have a tasting, but we did have a good sniff at the spices they use there. Me being quite a lot into perfumes, as the SA trying to sell some YSLs to my BF found to his apparent dismay – I really don’t care what Mr. SA uses, if I’m twitching and scrunching up my nose at it, I’d rather not be smelling it off my Mr. BF for any longer than the five mins it took for the scent to disappear from his skin. – found that room particularly interesting.

As this post turned out to be a lot longer than planned, I’ll save my thoughts on my hauls for some other time. In other words – Stay tuned for the next episode of “Scribbled with liner goes to London”.


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  1. Tora says:

    You’ve been to London?! Lucky bastard;) I’m filled with envy here I sit, though I’m not particularly envious of your trip to Madam Tussaud’s, been there, done that and wishes I could have my money back:)

    1. sirilovise says:

      We went on an almost-impulse, that is to say, we hadn’t talked about going anywhere, and then decided to buy tickets and book a hotel a week before departure.

      1. Tora says:

        We’re planning on a trip to England when we know that the economy is in order as we’re going to go to Grimsby and the traintickets cost a hell of a lot more than the planetickets. We also want to catch a few days in London while there,but that depends on how much time we get^^

      2. sirilovise says:

        Well, if you do, you really should drop by Champagne+Fromage. Or have pancakes in The Modern Pantry. And shop for dresses at Joy! Soooo many pretties!

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