Welcome, Wednesday


So we’ve finally made it to Wednesday, which means the worst day of the week, Tuseday’s done with. And yes, while I can’t cite sources on this, Tuseday is the worst. It’s the day after Monday, so whatever energy you might have had after the weekend’s rest’s bound to be running short by now, and the coming weekend’s days away. And on a personal note, Tusedays generally give me headaches.

Thankfully that’s over and done with. Like my exam paper.

Yup, that’s right. No more exams. I handed in my last exam, for now, Monday, and while I’m a bit anxious about the marks, there’s very little I can do about it now. So instead, after SEVEN months straight of hardly anything but exams, I’m going underground for a couple of days to celebrate, get some new impressions and FINALLY finish Manuscript Found In Accra by Paulo Coelho. In other words, I’m going to reset my mind before a month of working full-time.

In other news, we celebrated a long-time friend’s birthday last Saturday. I like giving pressies, so I spent hours online looking for something I figured she might like. I did ask her for a wishlist, but for a girl I’ve known since kindergarten, something practical like cheap self-tan, peeling, hair mask or a bottle of wine…. That just wouldn’t cut it. I wanted something personal.

il_570xN.449841086_pybgAfter pondering the issue, I figured a small initial necklace might be right up her alley, and after consulting a couple of other friends I settled for this one by Maya Rolc Majeric. And I was ever so pleased with meself. The necklace arrived within days. Unfortunately, I couldn’t photograph it for fear of succumbing to temptation and post the picture before the birthdayparty – What can I say? I’m a geek when it comes to pretties.

Anyways, I think she liked it, but most importantly, we had a fun night out, and come Sunday I actually managed to finish that blasted paper.

Now I’m going to hide under a blanket and watch Bones, because it’s friggin’ cold here in the North.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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  1. Tora says:

    I agree, Tuesdays are the worst. While I manage to drag myself to school on Mondays, I’m always tempted to skip on Tuesdays:)

    1. sirilovise says:

      Now, if I had my way we’d have an eight-day week with a “red” day inbetween Wednesday and Thursday because then the weekend wouldn’t seem that far off come Tuseday, we’d get a chance to get some of our paperload off our desks ’till Thursdaty and Friday or at least an extra day for studying, and if we had to work… We’d get paid extra 😀 I ought to be part of the advising team whenever someone declares themselves “Ruler of the World”. I’ve got so many grand ideas and schemes, and we’d get a lot more done around here 😉

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