Mermaid’s Tails and Cups of Tea in the Garden


SAMSUNG CSCToday was lovely. I just couldn’t bring myself to work on my exam, so instead I rushed my nails, shame, put on a shorts, threw a book in my bag and placed my very happy self in the garden of Tante Inger’s Tehus – a lovely little oasis on the edge of the city centre serving the best lemon pies, wraps and teas there ever was. “Auntie Inger” sure knows her stuff, and I’ll be sure to give you a view of the interiors some time, because it’s a wonderful little place, and very unusual for Tromsø, but more on that some other time. SAMSUNG CSC

Anyways, I just wanted to show you some pics from the garden. Nature around here works in mysterious ways. First of all, travelling in the North of Norway, you have to pack a lot more than you would for a holiday say in Spain. You have to be prepared for biting cold and rains, as well as temperatures up to 30 degrees (celsius), in the four months of bad skiing conditions. For the eight months of good skiing conditions you have to pack warm clothes – lots and lots of warm clothes that can be layered.

SAMSUNG CSCSecondly, things happen suddenly. Not the sudden rainshowers you might get in Ireland, but suddenly. For instance, it was only a month ago everything was drab, dirty and grey. Today however, it’s green all around. And the garden at Inger’s? Flourishing.

Me, I spent most of today, wearing a linen top and denim shorts, and strolled around barefeet in the garden, the mint-green of Dior’s Samba nailpolish duo on my toes. And I was quite happy with that.

And I wore Chanel’s Azure on my fingernails. Gawd! It’s fascinating. It’s true, what they say about it. It flashes green at times. at others, though, it’s a true blue. Upon first look, I thought it similar to the shimmery Teal of the aforementioned Samba duo, but that’s just a shimmery teal. Azure. Changes. Colour. Depending on the light, of course. SAMSUNG CSC

This is the colour a mermaid’s tail would be. And if I were one, I’d be first in line in order to get Azure so as to match it.

Apart from the pricetag I do have some issues, though. I still prefer a shorter, wider brush. And any mistakes, streaks and bumps will show up. I’m actually considering removing and reapplying. It really bothers me. SAMSUNG CSC

Other than that… You know, I think I’ll just reapply and stop whining.

Enjoy your weekend.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karrooo says:

    Fiiin farge på negllakka 😀

    1. sirilovise says:

      Veldig. Men at småfeil vises så alvorlig godt har irritert meg hele dagen. Så prøver på nytt nå 😉

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