I had ’em add summat Pretty Amazing to my Bare Minerals Goodiebag

When I heard that one of the local beauty salons would be hosting a Bare Minerals event I figured I might as well go. If I could find me a “date” for the occasion, so I needed to employ my supreme skills of persuasion. This is a rough translation of how that went:

Me: Come with me to this thing if they’ve still got some open spots? Wednesday at 19.00. It’s free, there’ll be refreshments, it’s free…
It’s makeup.
It’s free.
They’ve got goodiebags.
My friend: It’s free?
Me: Yupp^^, and no obligation to buy.
My friend: Sure, why not 😉

SAMSUNG CSCThe whole event was quite nice, apart from having about 5o people crammed into a small space and the music playing so loud I could hardly hear the SAs. But the best part was that there were no pressure to buy, and of course, the goodie bags, so after the demonstration we each walked out with a paperbag filled with lovely travel or luxury samples as well as a relaunch of the local brewery Mack’s mineral water “Arctic water – sparkling apple”.

My bag contained a sample of the Bare Minerals Matte foundation in medium beige, and travel sizes of Bliss’ High Intensity Hand Cream, Blood Orange + White Pepper Soapy Suds Body Wash and Lemon + Sage Body Butter. Also included were a few Decléor goodies, namely Hydra Floral Anti-pollution Moisturizing Cream and Aroma Cleanse Foaming Cleanser for face along with Aroma Cleanse Toning Shower and Bath Gel. Knowing and loving Decléor and having wanted to try out Bliss for quite some time, I’m quite pleased with my haul. I also got a luxury sample of Carita Ideal Douceur Cotton Cream. It’s not a brand I’m familiar with, but a quick google search tells me it’s expensive and it’s suitable for sensitive skin, and has anti-aging properties. Sure, I’ll give it a go.SAMSUNG CSC

The big huzza of the night were the Moxie lipglosses. Me and my friend both tried one on, but the scent reminded me very much of my UD Lip Junkies, and if I’m a haul another gloss, it’s going to be the new Gloss d’Enfer by Guerlain. What did catch my attention though, was a lovely liquid lip colour from Bare Minerals’ Pretty Amazing line. I tried on a baby pink shade called Moxie, but found it somewhat lacking in the coverage department, and while i could use concealer underneath to make the colour pop, I just can’t be bothered. I prefer my lip colours to glide on easily with no fuss. Unfortunately for my account they had a hot pink shade, Ambition, that did grab my attention. It was fairly wearable while packing a punch. And it adapted to most skin tones, it seemed, showing up different on each person. The girl across the table from me got a popping fuchsia, whereas on me it turned out more muted.
The formula reminds me of the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait, only slightly more moisturizing. And it isn’t a matte, which I really like.
an elevated state of gorgeousness, high-impact colour, insatiable shine
as well as
precision applicator – handles like a razor – sculpting and accentuating every curve
SAMSUNG CSCIndeed, it’s got a lovely sheen that isn’t overdone, so you still feel like you’re wearing lipstick. However, when it comes to the applicator I do recommend using a lip brush instead, or at the very least for the first application, leaving the rather floppy doe foot applicator for touch-ups. I can’t really speak for wear-time just yet, but it transfers when drinking. As I actually quite like the process of reapplying lip colours, although I do prefer that to happen using a more luxurious casing like those of Clarins or Guerlain, that’s not a gripe with me.
SAMSUNG CSCI find that Ambition is a nice shade whether you’re photographing using flash or natural sunlight while walking home from the event ’round nine o’clock in the evening, one of the perks about living in the North, and if I really were in the market for another liquid lipstick, I might even have found meself walking out with more than just one of these lovelies. That is to say, once my friend had convinced tha SAs that I made her promise to keep me out of buying too much, so I absolutely couldn’t buy the whole lot. Incidentally, I got away with the last one they had in that particular shade. I like to think that lends power to my claim of this being a wearable, adaptive shade of pink.
Other than that, I’m very happy with my new shade of pink, and it’s only now as I’m writing this that I’m realizing that Oh-noes! Now I have to go get me another blush to match it. Such a shame!
Note: While the goodiebag with it’s original contents itself were free, the product reviewed was purchased by me at the event.

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