Let me tell you of a Taboo.

Namely Chanel’s Taboo nail colour.

SAMSUNG CSCLike so many others I’ve fallen in love with this shade. That is to say, if the brush had been shorter and wider, like the Guerlain brushes, I’d love it more, because while the formula’s lovely, surprisingly thick, I find the brush to be somewhat flimsy and floppy. In other words, if you’re the impatient kind you might want to pass this one by. But the shade itself is gorgeous. SAMSUNG CSC

I had trouble capturing the beauty of this shade. It’s a dark purple, so not something I’d expect to love for summer, with small flecks of micro glitter, you hear me Urban Decay, that’s micro glitter, and a bronze shimmer to it. While I’m no expert when it comes to nail colours, I do think this is a quite unique shade, and like I said, not what I’d expected to wear this time of the year, but come September, I think I’ll still appreciate this one very much.

SAMSUNG CSCIt takes some time to dry, but the formula is far from runny, so take your time, and you’ll do fine. I even managed to get some bumps, but they were easily smoothed out.

This is my second day of wearing it, with that Guerlain top coat I was going on about before, meaning it’s still super-glossy, with little tip-wear.

You really have to see this one in person to truly appreciate it, because my pics certainly aren’t doing it justice.


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