Happy Monday: When a girl comes back for more….

… You’ve either got something right, or everybody else’s doing it wrong.

While I haven’t tried Lancôme’s Hupnôse line, they have got many faithful fans around the world. Me, couldn’t be bothered, as I’ve seen their work on the lashes of a dear friend, and figured that wouldn’t do it for me. I did a test run on a L’Oréal one before it launched. My friends even commented on the lovely flakes lying underneath my eyes by lunchtime. And Max Factor is to me just as much a waste of resources.

When I first bought Guerlain Maxi Lash I figured I’d be handing it in after two weeks because of an allergic reaction to the scent. Instead I wrote a post on this magic wand a month later, and a month overdue, as an opened mascara has only 3 months to live and was emptying by this time, recently repurchased.

By the way, I do believe my Lancôme-using friend is a convert and contemplating a repurchase as well.

Enjoy your week.



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