Jardins de Bagatelle: Pardon my French.

I don’t speak a word of French. Unless I absolutely have to, and then only a badly pronounced translation of “I don’t speak French”. My inability of correctly pronouncing “Guerlain”  correctly aside, I do love their new line of nail polish, and in particular the shade 260 Jardins de Bagatelle. It’s soooo sooo pretty!. And glossy. And pretty. And… I’ll just take this from the beginning, shall I?SAMSUNG CSC

I’ve never been impressed with top coats. I mean, I like them for their ability to prolong wear and to quicken drying, and matte top coats can create a lovely effect. Then Guerlain’s Gloss d’Enfer Le Vernis arrived and it’s safe to say I was interested, albeit slightly disappointed, as I’d been hoping for a wider selection of colours. But when the SA had me try on the top coat, as I was wondering how long it took to dry. Five mins, by the way, ’till touch dry. I was hooked. They promise a high shine gel effect, and WOW! They’ve actually made good on that promise!

Indoor light and flash, two coats, no top coat.
Indoor light and flash, two coats, no top coat.

But I had to have a go at more than just the top coat, and opted for the shimmery, fairly standard shade of Jardins de Bagatelle. A light pink, with a slight hint of golden sheen to it, and it looks quite boring, really, in the bottle. I could probably get something similar for a lot less, but the flat shape of the brush, which I forgot to photograph, shame on me, intrigued me. So after a day of hard work, and a trip to the gym, I set to.

Daylight and flash.
Daylight and flash.

And then something magic happened.

And it wasn’t standard at all.

And I. Was. Impressed. By a pink!

Jardins de Bagatelle is the pink I never knew I needed. It’s fairly close to my natural nails in colour, but then it’s shimmery, glittery and sparkly without being explicitly either one of those. It’s a fairly natural colour, but there’s no way you’ll be putting this baby in the corner. It reminds me of a holographic colour I’ve got in my stash from Make Up Store, but it’s not a holo shade either. I just don’t know how to describe it in words, and none of the 15 photos I took were able to capture the beauty of it. We often tell children to “Use your words”. Well, mine have proven insufficient in describing Jardins de Bagatelle, and I know quite a few in different languages.

It applies smoothly, evenly, easily… And I can’t stop looking at my nails. It’s not entirely opaque after three coats, but you have to look hard in order to notice. And on it’s own it’s very glossy. Apply the top coat and you get a mirror-like effect.

Daylight, no flash.
Daylight, no flash.

I applied it Friday night, but didn’t get around to doing these photos until Sunday afternoon. Meaning whatever tip-wear there is blends fairly well with my natural nails. So not just lovely, but practical as well.



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