Inspired by Metal

I have never been able to sit down in a quiet room and study. The sounds that accompany the buildng, like creaks and fans, and perhaps even the breath of other people and noises from outside keep distracting me. So I’ve avoided those places in favour of cafés or put on a tv show or some music, so that I might be able to consentrate on the task at hand.

This was particularly difficult with the exam paper I did two weeks ago, so I put on one of my faves for studying – I know the songs so well I won’t have to pause what I’m dong in order to pick up the lyrics – Within Temptation. To the bf’s surprise upon entering the apartment an album and a half later. He hadn’t thought metal was my kind of music. In spite of my previous insistence that I listen to a wide range of genres.

Last week, lucky me had to write a draft for yet another exam – I’m telling you, I’ve done nothing but exams for the past seven months! – and in the midst of my procrastination I got the sudden urge to do a makeup look inspired by WT’s lead singer, Sharon den Adel. And off to google I went. Now I was surprised at how easygoing Sharon’s been in the makeup department of recent years. You’ll probably find there’s a lot of mainstream popartists caking on far more goo than this lovely metal lady, who seems to be keeping it fairly low-key and natural, even for shows. Though, of course, I might be mistaken.

Anyway, I spotted some promos that I suppose are from the Mother Earth-era, that I figured translated very well to this years makeup trends, and decided that for a treat after I’d finished the draft, I’d copy the look. On my tablet screen, the image translated more turqoise, so that’s what I went with. Sitting on my computer, I find it’s more of a cobalt, but you can always sub colours.

SAMSUNG CSCAs always the makeup was applied to a clean, moisturized face on top of my UDPP in Eden. I always wear primer underneath my eyeshadow. Always. And applied the teal eyeliner in the center of the lid, and the dark blue shade to the crease and corners, blending and smudging as I went. This will giw the powders more to adhere to and help creating a more vibrant colour.SAMSUNG CSC

I used a teal and a dark blue eyeliner pencil (UD’s 24/7 in Electric and Binge) as a base, and a dark, matte grey, shimmery teal and sparkly sea green (Desperation, Unhinged and Occupy from UD’s Vice palette). I also considered using Evidence and the dark blue shade of my Smashbox Smokebox palette.

SAMSUNG CSCUsing a flat brush I patted the teal eyeshadow all over the teal liner as well as blending it into the darker shade. I applied a dark matte grey in the crease. Blend, blend, blend… It just makes all the difference. Lined my lower lash line using the teal liner, blending it with the sea green colour.

SAMSUNG CSCPatted the sparkly sea green onto the upper lid, using a lighter hand in the middle of the lid so the teal would shine through, and a heavier hand as i blended it into the grey and at the inner and outer corners of the eye as well.

To even it out some more towards the brows I first applied a matte, pale peach (Walk of shame), blending it into the grey, and then I applied a shimmery beige (Midnight 15) just underneath the brows and to the inner corners of the eyes.SAMSUNG CSC

I applied Clarins Instant Light Brush-on Perfector – Wish they’d start making simpler names for things, underneath the eyes and a dusting of Glo Minerals pressed foundation.

I’ve noticed that Sharon’s quite sheer in the photo, you can even see some freckles. I filled in my brows using a combo of Naked2 and Faint, and applied mascara. If I were going out, I’d have added falsies as well, but as I was only doing this for fun… Coulsn’t be bothered. As I couldn’t be bothered with the glitter either.SAMSUNG CSC

A peachy gloss applied to the lips, and there yous have it.

Note: “Featured” image was downloaded from


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  1. Tora says:

    I had almost completely forgotten about Within Temptation, I don’t think I’ve listened to them for 3 or 4 years now. But then again, all the music I hear is from the radio in the car:)
    Oh,I was wondering if you could have a picture of all the different things you use, just so that I can put an image to all the names you use in the tutorial:)

  2. sirilovise says:

    Some of the products are a recurring theme, like the Urban Decay Primer Potion and shades like Walk of shame, Naked2 and Faint from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, I considered photographing products, but in the end, even the swatches I did when deciding which shades to use seemed and the liner pics cluttered up the post, so I kept it simple, leaving it to step by step guides and shade descriptions. Also leaving it up to you to translate the look to your own colection, independent of the UD shades, but rather going by how they transfer and photograph, should you wish to try it out for yerself.
    Christine of Temptalia does a thorough review of the Vice palette, which features Desperation, Occupy and Unhinged, though. And she’s included some suggestions for dupes.
    They’ll be releasing another album this year, after having done quite a few concerts as well as covers of pop-songs like Grenade, Titianium and Summertime Sadness. Songs that I appreciate a lot more as WT cover versions than I ever did with the original artists.

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